14 Apr

Panic over our paddocks

Help! Our Dog Paddocks face Government closure!

Large shelter - 700 rescued dogs

Our dog paddocks are vital components of our facilities at ROLDA. It is here where our rescued dogs are able to start a new life, socialize, play together in a safe and healthy outdoor environment. However, these paddocks have recently been put at the risk of being shut down by the Romanian authorities.

Of course, ROLDA always operates in accordance with our local laws, and strives to provide our animals with the best possible care. This is a big part of the reason why we are consistently rated as one of the best shelters in Romania. However our paddocks are in desperate need of upgrades to meet local building standards. Without the repairs, the authorities may force us to close them, or have the paddocks destroyed.

This would be a devastating blow to us. The animals in particular need time outdoors, in the company of their friends for their physical and mental health. Without enough socialization and play, they quickly become frustrated, stressed out, and depressed.
You may want to know what our priorities are, and how we will be spending the donations we receive.

What we need to do immediately?

Here are a few of the most important items that will bring our paddocks up to standard, and keep our rescued dogs safe.

Repairs must be done to the floors.These have eroded and been damaged as a result of the dogs’ urine, disinfectant, and the cleaners that we use on the floors. We need to add mosaic concrete, this will vastly increase their durability.

Kennel floor that needs repair

Now the floors need constant repairs, usually every 3-5 years depending on the quality of the materials used. Mosaic concrete is very hardy. It will cost us money now, but it is a good long term investment. Down the road, it will save us money and keep the dogs more comfortable.

It is also necessary to add dividing walls between the kennels, this will be a total of 9 walls that we need to build. This will keep our dogs safer as any fights will be avoided. This also reduces the stress on the dogs, and will save us money on vet bills and medical costs as a result of injuries due to fights.

The law also requires us to add a concrete margin between each of the kennels. This prevents urine and other liquids to spread between the different kennels. This is also better for the dogs as it is more difficult for diseases to spread. Again, in the long term this will reduce costs associated with outbreaks of infectious illnesses, and keep our dogs more comfortable, and healthier.

Large shelter during winter

Romania’s winters can be long and cold! We need to add heating lamps to each kennel (a total of 10 lamps) We have ensured that these heaters are fire resistant, and they will be installed with safety as our first concern. The dogs will be warm, safe, and less likely to catch colds or get sick e.g. rheumatic problems).

The dog’s urine and chemical cleaners have also made it necessary for us to repair the concrete ditch. As with the floors, it need to be continuously maintained and replaced every 3-5 years.

Right now half of the entire structure is directly exposed to the outdoors. This means there is always damage being done from the harsh conditions. There is a humid environment inside due to constant (few times/day) cleaning with water, plus externally, heavy rains, snow and freezing cold. The entire metallic structure needs to be repainted.

We estimate the cost of completing all of these vital repairs at around US$15,000. This will bring the paddock up to standard, and we will now have 10 separate, safer kennels for our wonderful dogs.

How many paddocks do we need to renovate immediately?

Four are in critical shape and need immediate attention. Fortunately, our local sponsor ArcelorMittal has been helping us since 2007. They have generously agreed to sponsor one paddock already! End of this article – you can see some work in progress.

However this means we are only ¼ of the way towards the emergency repairs that must be done to keep these areas open for our dogs. No contribution is too small, and every penny helps us to continue to provide for the hundreds of abused and abandoned animals in our care. Show us how much you care, and help us meet our immediate goal of repairing four of our paddocks….we have 1 down, but we have three more to go!

We have appealed to you in the past for your donations and support of our rescue work. Without you, thousands of dogs would have been condemned to die on the cruel streets of Galati. Thanks to your generosity and your compassion, ROLDA has been able to save thousands furry souls from abuse and a life of misery.

We will never give up on our goals. Our team continues to work 24/7 to build a more caring and compassionate society for the Romanian people and their pets. Someday, we hope we will never be needed, because every animal in our nation will have a care giver, and enjoy real protection under the law from abuse and abandonment.

Sadly, that day is not today, nor is it tomorrow. This is why we still need your support, it’s what keeps us going.

Thank you so much for all you are doing to help us help those who cannot help themselves. Please come and visit us someday to see all the good that you have done! We have welcomed citizens from all over the world to volunteer at ROLDA, and we would love to see you too!

Our supporters money put at good work for our dogs’ welfare. Be part of this change!

Concrete ditch repaired
photo: Concrete ditch repaired for one paddock sponsored by ArcelorMittal. 3 more paddocks need repairs.

From inside out photo of a kennel
photo: A kennel photo from inside out.
Due to humid climate, the kennels need painting regularly.

Kennel painted
photo: Kennel painted. 10 kennels have been completely painted to protect the metal area from rusting.

Protection wall between two kennels
photo: This is the protection wall between two kennels, recently installed.

Protection wall

Renovated kennels
photo: These are the 10 renovated kennels, thanks to our local corporate partner ArcelorMittal.

30 kennels (3 paddocks) like this one, which is the only home that approx. 150 dogs have, need improvements. Your generous support matters!

They responded. You?

Following our May e-appeal, these supporters made already a small gift toward reaching the goal of 15,000$ for next paddock repairs (alphabetic order)
Andrea,Anna,Audrey,Barbara,Charlotte,F.T.,Gary,Inge,Janet, Joyce,Julie,Karen,Maria,Matthew,Mattie,Michael,Mihaela,Myriam,Sally,Sarah,Simona, Steven