Our Gift to You

Dear ROLDA supporter,
Everyone at ROLDA is extremely grateful for your support, and we all know that without you, we’d be unable to help homeless dogs in Romania.

We apologize if we don’t express our thanks to you enough, and we want to remind you that we haven’t forgotten all you’ve done for homeless dogs in Romania.

We strive to treat each and every one of you with the same respect and kindness that you extend to these poor animals in need.

Our team has put together a couple of “freebies” for you to enjoy and hopefully provide you with interesting and beneficial information about your pets. It may not seem like much, but our team dedicated a lot of time and effort to compile these “freebies” for you as a token of our appreciation.

CLICK HERE TO GET “Top 10 signs your dog is sick”

CLICK HERE TO GET “Top 10 mistakes new dog owners make”

Please accept our gratitude again, and we hope you enjoy our gift to you.