Open Position: Social media manager

This position entails:
– frequent monitoring of the charity’s main Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages;
– create daily content and respond to people’s comments monitoring of LinkedIn;
– Tumblr, SnapChat, Reddit, Pinterest, create occasional content/share and
– respond to people’s comments sharing of helpful articles that have our charity’s focus.
The ideal applicant is one who is knowledgeable about our charity work (or is willing to learn) as our vision for this position includes responding to comments and engaging in dialogue. Our goal for social media is to grow our audience and raise awareness about ROLDA work.
ROLDA social media platforms are also an integral part of our marketing/membership and newsletter initiatives. Experience with social media strategy is a plus to be able to suggest different ways to help increase traffic to the ROLDA site through social media efforts.
The Social Media Manager will report activities to the CEO and/or CEO Assistant.
– Monitor and post on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages regularly;
– Refer inquiries on Facebook and Twitter to the CEO manager for response;
– Search the internet for news and important articles related to ROLDA work;
– Post and/or design informative posters/images about ROLDA work;
– Report Facebook/Twitter/Instagram stats frequently to the CEO or CEO Assistant.
Future goal: engage in discussion and respond to comment
– Good communication skills and command of the English language
– Social media-oriented person. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter expertise
– Self driven and reliable
– Photoshop skills is a plus
Target area: worldwide, online

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