Open Position: Donor Relationships, Researcher, Planned Giving Officer

Mandatory experience:
– Minimum 3 years experience in face to face sales or
– Minimum 5 years of sales experience or
– Minimum 3 years of political fundraising

Minimal requirements:
– Great ability to tell a story
– Great skills to make an ask
– Passionate for charity work, primarily for animals

Help ROLDA build relationships with some of our most active and generous donors (major givers)
Create a Minor Donor Fundraising program (retain donors, upgrade their gift, convert into recurrent donors)
Minor donor program should encourage small donors to provide referrals to their friends and family who might also want to make a gift.
Research and thank individual donors as the first step in building relationships with them.

Specific activities include:
– Research most generous donors and additional donor groups in order to identify high-value donors using Google and DonorPerfect database
– Research foundations and trust potential grant makers
– Record research findings
– Identify stand-out donors and bring them to the attention of the CEO, and other relevant teams
– Personal thank you emails strategy
– Personal phone call strategy and record info details on spreadsheet template database
– Executing one-off projects aimed at driving engagement and delighting specific donors
– Send birthdays and anniversary cards
– Bequest strategy
Create fundraising networks or groups e.g. Seniors Supporters of ROLDA, Real estate developers for Homeless Animals and offer back recognition in ROLDA annual report. The members of ROLDA fundraising networks can raise money, hold events (both ask and non-ask “get to know us” events), send out fundraising letters, find new members for your network, generate publicity and buzz, and lots more.

Target area: worldwide, but primarily Australia and the United States.

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