28 Oct

October 2014 Newsletter

Rolda Romania

Save a dog life! Your gift is priceless!

Newsletter October 2014

A beaten, burned dog needs your help!

When was the last time you had the opportunity to save a life?
Today you can save Pufulet – the dog that was beaten three times yesterday. As a result of the abuses he suffered, his back leg was broken and the vet also discovered a big wound at head.

It wasn’t the first time when Pufulet suffered because of heartless people. Not long ago, he had the skin burned with acid but luckily, he recovered from that tragedy.
If we’ll be able to save Pufulet, he will never starve or be abused again, but live safely in our Adoption Center, where one day, he will find a family to offer him a forever home.

Visit Pufulet page to read, share his story and donate as much as you can.
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To put an end of dogs’ abuses in Romania, you can do more!
Dogs are abused on the streets, but also in public filthy shelters across Romania
Sign our petition addressed to EU Commission to change millions of dogs’ future!

Adoption Center

Located in south east of the country, the Adoption Center was built in 2003. Since then it was nominated one of the best shelters from Romania and it was the first dog shelter with heating system from the country.

Read more about the shelter