18 May

Nonno story

Have you eat today? Have you drink fresh water? He didn’t for many days because he couldn’t move.


He is one of the homeless dogs of our town. The authorities think there are 20,000 strays but nobody knows their exact number. We believe that approximately 6,000 dogs still wait to be sterilized to prevent the born of more unwanted puppies.

He is a senior dog. Often fed of people’s pity, he is known in neighborhood and people think he is at least 10-12 years Nobody remembers how many times he was close to be killed, poisoned because he barked too loud – he learn to stop barking or because he made dirt in the grass where people are stepping in every day – they got used with that.

He was hidden a few times by compassionate animal lovers not to end up in the public shelter. He always find a way or was lucky to cheat death.

About 3,000 dogs were killed in the public shelter according to the official statements of the ex-director of dogcatchers local company (see the article about the Public shelter)

Years were passing and our old guy’ senses became weaker. He barely could see and hear, which is a handicap in the “jungle” where he has survived.

Not long ago, he wasn’t fast enough to avoid a car speeding toward him. His spinal wasn’t broken but suffered a damage which makes him now walk abnormally–

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=7yL-_sYiwPg width=640 height=480 anchor=’See the video’]–

He isn’t paralyzed but for a few days he couldn’t walk to reach the water or food and one his leg was immobile.

People who stopped seeing him one day and than the next day thought he died. Somehow, he managed to cheat death, again.

Our Norwegian volunteers met him near the hotel area in summer of 2013 and he was in good shape, enjoyed the food and the extra hugs. When they came back in 2014, searching for him, they discovered him in a poor state, with no medical support, moving in circles and barely walking – more crawling from a place to another.

We called him Nonno which means grandfather in Italian.

For a number of weeks, Nonno was  safe in our shelter  – he didn’t sit anymore in the rain or snow. When he felt sick, he was not left to suffer without medicine or professional help, or hungry and thirsty. He had a home, away from car accidents, infected wounds, pain, poison.


Nonno story is not an isolated case. Sadly.

Across Romania, sterilized or not, dogs suffer alone, in silence. One day it can be worse than all the others, one day – or even in a second, a dog life can be brutally ended. Car accidents are one of the main causes of dogs mortality or why many of them remain crippled for life. In the “jungle” – a dog with handicap, a dog with an infected, untreated wound is half dead.

Our charity exists to help all the dogs in need of emergency assistance, including dogs like Nonno.  Stories like Nonno’s are eyes-opening because it reveals the importance of saving a dog or of adopting a dog from shelter before their lives end up in misery!


One morning, Nonno heart stopped beating. He died sleeping, peacefully, in dignity.

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