30 Apr

Name a tree


Our large shelter grew bigger thanks to our supporters who helped us purchased an additional plot.

One of our spring/fall activities is planting trees and bushes to create a natural barrier around the shelter to:

  • Protect dogs against snow storms
  • Reduce noise
  • Reduce odors
  • Esthetic reasons

The selected trees for our shelter characteristics are acacia, Paulownia and conifers (to be planted in the fall time).

We’ll be planting for you one or more of the tree/s that you choose to donate.  Mark a wedding, a birthday, remember someone or something! Make a Tree-Gift to someone! Name a tree from our garden!

12€ Name a Paulownia
30€ Name a Pack* of Trees

Note: A pack of trees consist in 3 different trees: one Acacia, one Paulownia and one Thuia.

Trees already named

Sandra from Sweden named a tree after her beloved Shonti, rescued from Romania!

Borghild from Norway named two trees Soleil and Wolf in memory of  lost Romanian dogs that never experienced what a real home is.

Mette from Norway named a tree Lucky in memory of one of ROLDA dog that recently had to be put to sleep because having cancer.

Claudia and Alessandro from Switzerland named two trees Panduta and Greta after the dogs adopted from our shelter.

Keeping alive the memory of dear souls that left us is just one reason why you can name one of our trees today!