28 Mar

The monthly budget

The Life Saving Budget

Located in Smardan village , in one of the poorest regions of Romania, ROLDA small sanctuary saved over 700 homeless dogs since its gates were opened.

This modern sanctuary represents one of the best examples of quality versus quantity project .The quality of the services and the excellent conditions provided to the rescued dogs continue to impress each visitor, transforming a simple visit into a pleasant experience.

The annual budget for the small sanctuary is 40,000 EUR  and the 3,300 EUR estimated to cover the monthly expenses are used 99% for the direct costs related to dogs care:

  • premium dry food
  • treats and vitamins
  • diet food for seniors, puppies, dogs with skin problems, mobility etc
  • sterilizations
  • veterinary treatments and regular check
  • shampoos, grooming supplies
  • dogs related items
  • one caretaker salary and taxes (medical insurance etc)
  • sewage machine rental
  • electric, water, garbage and phone bills
  • minor repairs and maintenance work.

At least two good reasons of celebration

On November 2013, the small sanctuary celebrated its 10 years anniversary, a moments that marked almost 700 lives saved since the shelter was opened. Not bad, at all!

Especially if I will tell you this place function daily (except Sunday) with only one paid staff – Flori,  acting like an adoptive mom of an impressive number of dogs passing in front of her eyes, carried in her arms, looked after and cleaned by her, with the same passion and conscience.

If funds will allow us, we are planning to hire an additional person to help Flori continue her great job.

We will give you another reason to celebrate with us!

The small sanctuary was nominated in October 2013, for the third time consecutively,  “The best dog shelter in Romania”.

We remind you that back in 2004 we were top rated by Animal People Magazine from USA, among other 17 other shelters from Romania and other European shelters.

Later in 2010, we were top rated among other Romanian shelters.

In 2013, we were again top rated after “competing” with other locals and other Romanian shelters, including a newly built one.

None of these small or bigger accomplishments would be possible without people from around the World that sustain and believe in our work.