1000 dogs from the steel factory owned by Mittal are in lifethreatening danger due to the managers’ abusive behavior. Help us to save them!

Why to protest?

200 dogs abandoned in our shelter

40% of total costs reduced with no warning

1000 dogs left with no food and no medical care

Steel plant employees forbidden to feed the strays

Humane methods to control dogs population stopped

No adoptions, no rehabilitation, no future

Shelter left without promised investments

Employees health and dogs wellbeing are put in danger

ROLDA’s achievements during 6 years: reducing with 90% the stray dogs population at the steel plant, using humane methods.

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Be the voice that the steel plant dogs need, to have a decent life. The previous attempts made by ROLDA supporters to solve this matter rationally and morally hit a brick wall. The company owned by Mr. Lakshmi Mittal, one of richest men on the Planet, prefers to ignore us and let the dogs suffer!


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Write a letter


Write a letter and then send it by post to the following adresses. You can also edit and download a sample letter. See below.

Att. Mr. Lakshmi Mittal
Berkeley Square House
7th Floor
Berkeley Square
London W1J 6DA

Att. Mr. Lakshmi Mittal
24-26, Boulevard d’Avranches
L-1160 Luxembourg

Feed the dogs


Help us feed the dogs abandoned by steel plant. Your name will instantly appear on the Wall of Fame unless you prefer to remain anonymous.