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Stop dogs abuse in Romania

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Arcelor Mittal, whose Chairman and CEO Lakshmi Mittal lives in London, UK, owns and operates a massive steel plant in Galati. It was overrun by stray dogs.

Meanwhile, some workers at the plant were poisoning dogs to get rid of the problem. In 2007, after they were exposed in the media, the steel plant’s management agreed to work with ROLDA. As well as paying to look after the dogs rescued from their premises, they promised to fund the building of a modern shelter and proper infrastructure: water, drainage and electricity.

The partnership worked. In just 6 years, the stray population at the plant was reduced by 90%. We rescued and took in as many as we could, and put an end to the suffering of those beyond help using humane methods. Arcelor Mittal enjoyed the resulting good publicity.

But then things started to go wrong. The steelworks failed to build the onsite veterinary centre, resulting in hundreds of agonising journeys for very sick animals. All investment and maintenance payments were stopped. Dogs are now living in unsatisfactory conditions and there is a risk of them, our workers, volunteers and visitors catching infections from sewage.

On top of that, Mr Mittal’s company reduced the regular contributions towards the costs of caring for the dogs rescued from their site by 40%.
To put things right, ROLDA is now having to fight on behalf of the dogs in the courts. This legal battle is unnecessary. Mr Mittal has the power to intervene and stop this needless waste of time, energy and resources.
All we want is justice – and the money we were promised. To a company with global profits in 2016 of US$1.8 billion, it’s nothing. Nor to someone of Mr Mittal’s own wealth of nearly US$20 billion.

Please give the stray dogs of Galati a voice.

Why is now the time to act for the voiceless?

How Mittal abuses hundreds of dogs:


Unethically ended their contract with ROLDA.

Sabotaged the hygiene of the dogs we rescued

Stopped promised investments

Cut the budget by 40%

Stopped providing food for over 30% of the rescued dogs

Broke their contractual promises

Forbid employees to feed the dogs on their company premises

Forced ROLDA into a legal battle

Most importantly, Mittal prevented ROLDA from providing the dogs we rescued from their land with the life they deserve. All we want is to care for these dogs and find them a loving home.

Who is affected by Mittal’s decision?

Dogs from the ROLDA sanctuary who were abandoned to die, with budget for investment and daily care cut to 40%

The dogs remaining on Mittal’s premises, who are starving and lack medical care, remain unsterilised and continue to breed.

Mittal’s company workers are at risk of dog bites and diseases on a daily basis.

The local community is affected by the number of strays from Mittal’s premises, because they migrate in search of food. The dogs often become aggressive in new territories because they are scared and starving.