29 Mar



Milestones for the dogs

The large sanctuary started as a beautiful dream that motivated our team and inspired donors. Together, we saved hundreds of dogs from misery, diseases and hunger. Together, we help skinny dogs recover, sick dogs get well, frightened dogs become sociable. Together, we transform our voiceless friends’ future and reunite many of these beautiful dogs with the right human companion. Together, we make tails to wag and put smiles on people’s faces. Together, we can.
To continue to grow healthy and expand, this project needs your generous support!

These accomplishments happened because of people like YOU…have a look!


Thanks to Swiss supporters, hundreds of acacia trees were planted to form a natural wind barrier, to protect the sanctuary against snow storm.

PawzUp wall was built.

First Real Life Room for dogs
The Real Life Room for dogs (the first of its kind from
Romania!) was built.

Renovated kennels
One paddock was renovated.

New plot of 2ha. has been purchased thanks to our international supporters. On this land,  our sanctuary will be expanded with facilities to rescue donkeys and horses.


Connecting the shelter to the electric network: a very
bureaucratic, but important step forward.

The REX Memorial Clinic was also connected to electricity and

Fencing of the new plot of land was completed.


Thanks to our US and Norwegian supporters, a new plot (1 ha) of
land was purchased to expand the large sanctuary’s capacity.


Electrica, the Romanian national electric company, demanded ROLDA to relocate 4 paddocks to approve the sanctuary’s connection to electric network.



Rex Memorial Clinic was started. When completely functional, it was designed to be the first social veterinary clinic ever built in south-east of Romania to serve homeless animals and pets from poor families.


Two additional paddocks added as a result of the increasing demand for more dogs to be rescued.


By the end of 2008, 8 paddocks were functional while 30% of another 2 paddocks done.

2007 December

The first two paddocks (20 kennels) were built just before Christmas. A life-saving mission for street and abandoned dogs just started.

2007 Summer

The land was fenced and the access road built. A company was hired to dig for water.


A generous donor (that wishes to remain anonymous) from England helps ROLDA purchase 1.5 ha (3.3 acres) of land located just outside Galati.

Bigger gifts are welcome!

600€ Build a whole running space
300€ Co-sponsor for a running space
500€ Renovate a kennel