This Year, Give the Greatest Gift of All!


Meet Faraon, one of the oldest dogs living in our sanctuaries in Romania. After a life of harassment, abuse, starvation and disease, Faraon came to live with the rest of our dogs and our staff.

Thanks to you, Faraon was welcomed into a community of well trained, compassionate people and hundreds of sociable, healthy, amazing dogs who get professional care, excellent food and are waiting to be discovered and adopted by a loving person.

Where are YOU in this? Well….everywhere.

You, dear ROLDA supporter, helped us build two sanctuaries, helped us to repair our facilities, helped us sterilize dogs to break the cycle of puppies being born to suffer. And you helped us improve overall. You protested when dogs were killed, you signed our petitions, you drove or flew thousands of miles to visit us, you sponsored a dog that you couldn’t adopt …but when you could, you adopted a perfect companion from us. You understand when I make a human mistake, you forgive my grammar errors and you do understand that I am doing the best that I can. You care, you feel, you trust, you question, you protest, you adopt, sponsor, put passion and give voice to my dreams.

Dogs like Faraon can hope for a future and it’s ALL because of you.

2015 was a very intense year for ROLDA but it was worth it. The best part is that were able to save 918 animals from being slaughtered or abused…the second best is the additional people we have supporting ROLDA.  I had the chance to welcome to our international team a few valuable, generous and extremely devoted new members: Heather in Canada, Mary in USA, Sarah and Liz in Australia, Gemma and Alan in UK, Lisa and Annika in Sweden, who united with the “old troops” Paul, Shannon, Sabine, Anja, Romina, Lisa, Hege, Sandra, Lolita, Muriel and Michele. And I also welcomed a number of new supporters and new donors across the World.

Without the right people, we have no hopes and no dreams ….and very possibly, no future. Give Hope for ROLDA in this 10th year anniversary!

ROLDA is an incorporated charity in Romania, USA, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and UK.

I am honored that, for 10 years, you are part of my dreams, my hopes and grateful that you help me give these rescued animals a future.

Make a difference in 2016 with us!ROLDA dogs

The 3 simplest ways to continue to help us are:

  1. Make one-time or monthly donation
  2. Become an Ambassador to share our stories, alerts, etc
  3. Sponsor a dog and by doing that, you will help us save another one from streets.

You represent the power of 1 – and this power shouldn’t be underestimated because each of you, dear supporter, made ROLDA what it is today.

You have our promise that every penny will be put at work to save more animals and help solve the community related animals problems.

Our 2016 dreams are:

  • Help 1000 animals;
  • Start the expansion of the large shelter(create adoption area for dogs and start building the horse sanctuary);
  • Run 2 sterilization and microchip campaigns in the village;
  • Expand small sanctuary with additional land;
  • Repair the staff’ metallic container;
  • Create running spaces for 2 more paddocks.

Every ambitious dream start with the first step. The projects’ list might look overwhelming but each has its role to bring comfort and security in our voiceless friends’ lives and safety for our staff.

2016 is a very special year for us, at ROLDA.
We celebrate 10 years of existence – 10 years since our charity was incorporated in Romania, but also in USA.

10 years full of challenges, accomplishments and terrifying moments. 10 years of my life I dedicated to this cause, ROLDA. And many more years to come I will still be here, continue dreaming and depending on you to make these dreams come true. I have nowhere else to go, not because I couldn’t but because staying here and doing this activity is the only thing that really makes me feel alive. And I sincerely hope that the work we do, all the dogs we were able to save together makes you feel alive and positive,too.

You already made the first step in 2016 with us, because you read this newsletter. Thank you!

Dana Costin

Founder ROLDA

PS. We remind you the 3 simplest ways to help ROLDA during 2016: Become a ROLDA Ambassador (Share our news with your friends); Sponsor Faraon or another dog that need a GodFather; Make an anniversary gift or donate for a specific project.