30 Aug

Meet Corinna, Head Ambassador

Meet Corinna, Head Ambassador of ROLDA

Corinna and her dog Honey

After adopting Honey from our shelters in 2012, Corinna has divided her time between caring for Honey and spreading the word about ROLDA and the plight of stray dogs in Romania.

Corinna is an important part of our team that raises awareness about ROLDA and its mission around the world.
Corinna’s work has resulted in more of adoptions, donations, sponsors, sterilizations, and volunteers — all which have saved thousands of Romanian strays from suffering and slaughter.

Corinna Needs YOUR Help to Spread the Word!

Corinna is just one person, but her volunteer work for ROLDA has had a major impact in the fight against the stray dog crisis in Romania. She has inspired family, friends, coworkers, students, seniors, and strangers across the globe to get involved with the ROLDA community.

But Corinna needs more fellow ambassadors to help spread the word to more people. One ROLDA ambassador has the potential to reach hundreds, even thousands of people — that means you can get Romanian stray dogs thousands of new supporters to help save them.

And That is HUGE!!!

By taking just 3 minutes to use your social media apps to bring awareness about ROLDA and the Romanian stray dog crisis, you are helping more dogs get rescued, saved, treated (medically), vaccinated, fed, sheltered, rehabilitated, adopted, sponsored, and sterilized.

3 Minutes = More Dogs Saved

Join Corinna and ROLDA’s ambassadors today to start saving Romanian stray dogs. Start by sharing with family and friends, and urge them to do the same. Then use your social media apps to reach coworkers, neighbours, and members of your community.

Soon Romanian stray dogs will have many more supporters worldwide.But it starts with you! Follow Corinna’s example and speak up for Romanian strays!

This is me and Honey. She came to us 5 years ago. No health issues at any point of time. What surprised me most was her friendliness and kindness. She doesn’t and didn’t have any annoying habits at all. She had been with us for a few days when I started leaving her off the leash. I kept in contact with her all the time, but then I got a call on my mobile phone…. Suddenly she was nowhere to be seen. I searched for her for hours, called quite a few people and went home at last, sure that I had lost her. There she was sitting in our garden, looking at me with a ‘where have you been, I have been waiting for you for HOURS…’-look on her face. I think she had just found it boring to watch me talking on the phone…

Corinna — Norway