01 Sep

About Light in UK


 Testimonial from adopter of Light

How could I resist the story of Light and her bravery?

Lights determination to survive on the streets after losing two legs is beyond belief. Her sheer guts and strength of character would put many humans to shame. The plight and portrayal of this dog moved me to tears and I knew I had to visit her. The rest is history! My partner and I brought her back to the UK in April 2014 .

We knew there could be issues as she has had to integrate with our other 6 rescue dogs, and her initial dominance and learning to accept other pack members has been difficult for both us and her.

Things are improving daily albeit slowly, as she realizes she no longer has to fight for her food, and that other dogs can pass by her without showing any signs of aggression. Yes, things can be testy, but we will continue to work with her.

Seeing Light relax and starting to play with toys makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Gail (UK) Adopter of Light


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