24 Oct

Joy of Giving

Christmas Box Appeal

Christmas All Wrapped Up


Have you ever thought to buy as a Christmas gift a bottle with disinfectant? Or 100 bales of straws? Maybe to fill 650 empty bowls with dog food?

If you didn’t….don’t worry!

The next Holiday you can impress your friends animal lovers by offering them an exclusive gift and in the same time, you will help our charity to save more Romanian street dogs from an imminent death.

You have the Magic Christmas Power to transform a  Dog’s Life!

And choose the Perfect Gift for your family and friends, in the same time!

More and more people are fed up with the Christmas shopping gifts’ obsession. Many feel sick to spend much money on “disposable” gifts and they look for alternatives to material gifts (e.g. virtual or printable certificates).

Buy A Christmas Certificate here:

You can personalize the certificate yourself or send us the name and text you wish to appear on it. In case you write nothing, the certificate will be create in your name and will contain the amount you donated.

Thank you… and Have a Blessed Christmas!
ROLDA Rescue Team