11 Jan

Horse in danger


“Don’t let my buddy die!”

Said Ion, one of the poorest seniors from the village where the shelter is located.

Today, our rescue team met Ion. (photo)

Ion’ horse got a small injury some months ago and instead of healing, the skin became irritated and the spot transformed into a tumor that keep growing to a dangerous level and doesn’t let the horse move normally when walking.

The horse needs urgent medical assistance. Even if we raised less than 10% of total to build the sanctuary for horses, even if we don’t have a surgery room equipped for large animals – we can’t turn our back to this case.

“I count on all ROLDA supporters to give as little or as much as they can to help Ion’s horse have surgery, recover and become an active horse again. It is not easy to describe you, in my words, the poverty in which Ion is living.” says Dana Costin, President of ROLDA.

At his age (80+) he has nobody except some relatives that doesn’t live with him, a few chickens and this horse…Ion and his horse help each other to carry on with their very modest life …the horse is used to transport items but also to move Ion from one location to another and back home.

When Ion explained the situation to our staff, he was in tears. He begged us to save his buddy and not let him die. “There is something special about the poor seniors’ stories that fascinates me and makes me feel humble and respectful, there is a drama that can’t be told in words. It’s difficult but in the same time, emotional to see people of a certain age, that could be a parent or a close relative of any of us…surviving with dignity in misery and showing a major and sincere concern for their best friend, who is in most cases an animal: a dog, a cat …or in Ion’s case – a horse.

Ion horse

Click below to make a donation for Ion’s horse surgery and post surgery treatment:

It says a lot about the humans’ bond with animals, but also about some humans’ nature, about the simplicity and purity of a person who doesn’t have much to offer except his own kindness and friendship. Together, we can save this horse -I simply know it, because we care and because we helped so many animals in the past. Ion is counting on you, on us…and I am hopeful that I will find the right words to better explain you the drama of these seniors and maybe we can find a way to give constantly aid to these people who are genuinely concerned and caring about their pets, who doesn’t expect much anymore from their life and find a real joy to see their pets in good shape around them.” concluded Dana.

Help me promise Ion that his horse will get better and that they will continue helping each other!