20 Aug

Abandoned by her owners, but NOT by her puppies

Abandoned by her owners. Saved by her own puppies

All pregnant stray dogs give birth alone. But this brave dog gave birth to her three babies while she was chained.

She and her puppies survived by eating nearby trash and drinking rainwater. When her puppies were 3 months old, the chain suddenly broke, and she was finally free to lead her puppies somewhere safe. But she did not know where to go.

The only place she knew for months was the short distance her chain allowed.
This was her “home”. Here she spent long days enduring exhausting heat and torrential rain, lying in puddles of her own urine and feces, and feeling helpless about protecting her own puppies. She was left with a nasty infected neck injury as a reminder of all her attempts to break free.

She and her three pups started the journey that every street dog has to take in order to survive: finding safe territory, searching for food in the trash, and hunting small animals.

After weeks wandering the streets, a man found them and brought them to his property. Because she was a German Shepherd cross, the man considered her a good guard dog for his home. In exchange, he gave her and her puppies a home and food.
She protected his industrial property day and night, and every day they received good meals. For the first time in their lives they were treated decently. For the first time in their lives, they had a home. Unfortunately, they lost their home when the man lost his job and the business closed down. The property they protected was demolished, and they were homeless once again.

Mom and her three daughters remained around the pile of rubble that had once been their home. They had grown so attached to the building that they did not want to leave … even if it was in complete ruins.

Shortly after, the mother got very sick. She had trouble breathing and moving. She had lost the strength to protect her daughters. Fortunately for her, her daughters were now almost adults, and had grown up to become a good pack of guard dogs. They protected their dying mother.

People from near-by properties saw this incredible family of
dogs and were touched. They could not believe what they were seeing: three dogs hunting small animals and bringing them to their mother to keep her alive. One of the persons was so inspired by this beautiful and heroic act, that she called our ROLDA rescue team so we could rescue them.

We took the family of 4 back to our shelter, where they received immediate medical attention. That same day, we rescued another German Shepherd cross female that was roaming the streets alone. These 5 girls now need to be spayed, vaccinated, and fed nutritious food to recover.

With us, they will be forever protected. Today, this family of 4 that inspired so many people remain inseparable in our shelter. They eat together, play together, and sleep together … every day.

Our dream is to complete the expansion of the large shelter so that they may have a property to protect again — since this is what they know what to do the best. This is what kept them united throughout the most tragic moments of their lives!

Scroll the page to see some recent photos we’ve made with the 5 girls and ROLDA staff. I am sure these will bring a smile on your face. The only thing we ask you, after reading this incredible story is to become an ambassador for our charity and convince 3 friends to join you.

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Meet the 5 wonderful girls that inspired the locals (in these photos, in the shelter’ garden with some of ROLDA staff)


Ordinary day – playing time with our staff.


Every day more, these girls surprise us how clever and delicate they are.


Thanks to you, the 5 girls forgot about past drama.


We selected more photos to show you all the 5 girls together.


The girls are very energetic and playful and it is hard to make the picture look “professionally” but I hope our supporters appreciate the quality of dogs lives.