31 Jul

Help Tobi

Stop Tobi s Pain

Tobi was injured at his back leg and abandoned. Our rescue team saved him from pain, from an imminent death. Every year, thousands of dogs die in Romania because of infected wounds. It might not sound very serious, but for a street dog’ weak body, an untreated infection could mean a painful end of life.

Tobi wound was old, deep and couldn’t be sutured. He is getting antibiotics treatment at the vet office, our staff visit regularly to offer him food and lots of hugs. After all, Tobi is our dog now.

Tobi has a special request – his vet bill needs to be paid. Each small or larger gift will enable us to offer good care for Tobi and other dogs like him.

Will you spare a penny for Tobi?

After his recovery ends, you’ll get a nice smiling photo with Tobi in return!