06 Aug


Help. My name is Today

Light, Dog of the Year 2013 with Dana

When I look around me these days I feel a great sense of pride.It was over a decade ago that we built our first shelter and rescued the first 60 dogs from a lonely and harsh life.
Today we have 2 shelters that 600 dogs currently call home.
Every day I try to spend time with each one, but the truth is that most days I cannot. However, the precious moments I experience with these beautiful animals remind me that whenever I am not with them, I am fighting for them.

I am relieved and happy that these dogs are safe under our care, but I believe they deserve much more. Our shelter shouldn’t become their forever but just temporary home for them.
There is a loving family for every one of these dogs—and I’m trying to find them. When I am able to turn one of these forgotten strays into a family member, it is the greatest feeling in the world!

The moment one of our dogs is adopted, 2 lives are saved!

It means that there is vacancy in our shelters for another abandoned dog. It’s exciting because we get to go out and rescue another poor, defenseless stray who will get the chance to become part of a family.
You can be that family!

If you’ve been considering adding a pet to your life, adopt one of our dogs. These dogs are hungry for love and compassion. They have been alone for too long.

You’re not only giving them an opportunity, you’re giving us an opportunity to save more lives.
Near our shelters there are roughly 20,000 homeless dogs wandering the streets sick and starving. It breaks my heart that I can’t save them when they are so close.

I need your help. They need your help.

If you’re not ready to bring one of our dogs home, you can still help save another life. No matter where you are or how much you give!
Every dog is extremely grateful for any support they receive. Remember that they were struggling to stay alive before we rescued them.

How do you save lives by sponsoring a dog or donating to ROLDA?
Your generosity will help us to keep growing and expanding so that we can have room for hundreds of more homeless dogs.
We went from 1 shelter to 2. We went from 60 dogs to 600.
We did this together—and only together can we continue to raise these numbers.

My name is Dana and I founded ROLDA in 2006. Now, ROLDA is an international charity, incorporated in USA as well as other 8 countries: Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, UK, Germany and Romania. All our international affiliates’ directors are volunteers, meaning that every penny of your donation goes to animals’ direct needs.

Everything we’ve accomplished is because of generous people like you.

Every dog we save is made possible by you!I and all the ROLDA dogs are forever grateful for your help.
We only ask that you not forget about us.