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Help for 200 dogs

“Andy is one puppy found in the trash. He suffered multiple lesions and one eye couldn’t be saved. After all the efforts made to save him, Andy is in big danger! 200 dogs including Andy are left starving by the steel plant in Romania. “ said Dana Costin, founder of ROLDA

Help for 200 dogs

Be a voice for 200 dogs left starving by one of the richest men in the World’s steel company

Andy is one puppy found in the trash. He suffered multiple lesions and one eye couldn’t be saved. After all the efforts made to save him, Andy is in big danger! 200 dogs including Andy are left starving by the steel plant in Romania.  said Dana Costin, founder of ROLDA

ROLDA dogs demand justice. Join us to speak up for them! Help us send a powerful message to Mr. Mittal and ask him to investigate the abuses committed at his steel plant in Romania! As a result of these abuses, 630 dogs’ future is uncertain while 200 of them were left to starve to death. Only because of the ROLDA team’s tremendous efforts, the situation isn’t worse than already described.

What the steel company did:

● Stopped the promised investments, vital for the good functionality of the shelter.
● Left 200 starve to death by refusing to pay the costs necessary for daily maintenance.
● Canceled the sewage machine, offered for free to the shelter since 2008, creating an imminent risk for dogs but also for the staff.
● A top manager threaten and blackmailed our charity.
● Refused to respond transparently about what will happen with the approx. 1500 dogs are estimated to exist currently inside the steel plant, considering that in the past, an important number of dogs belonging to the steel company were discovered death across the Danube and in the summer of 2007 some dogs were “accidentally” poisoned by a company contracted by the steel plant.

The future of approx. 1500 dogs are very uncertain. Right as you read this, these dogs have no source of food, because the steel company employees are forbidden by internal regulation to feed them.

Dogs dead a few meters from the steel plant

photo: This is one of the dogs died a few meters from the steel plant. Stephan, a volunteer from Belgium spotted him. We are extremely worried that other dogs will be soon found dead mysteriously.

What ROLDA did:

● Reduced using humane methods (sterilizations and international adoption campaigns) by 70% of the total stray dogs from the steel plant. (Note: the steel plant surface is 16 square km = 6.18 square miles).
● Between 2007-2014 functioned without water and electricity, using a generator for dogs’ basic services.
● As a result of the steel plant’s repeated refusal to build running spaces for the dog’s daily exercise, ROLDA had to buy a new piece of land, and move fencing and access roads to start building the exercise pens using private donations.

What happens now:

Because ROLDA is taking legal action against the repeated abuses made by the steel plant, little can be made public.

However, it is a fact that ROLDA has to find:
● Sponsors to cover the daily costs for 200 dogs which the steel plant refuses to pay for.
● Donations for the investments necessary for the shelter, keeping in mind that these investments had to be made by the steel plant, since 2008.
● Money to pay for the sewage machine which is needed frequently and which was provided for free by the steel plant since 2008.
● Funds to rescue new dogs in need of our help.

Choose a dog to sponsor for a whole year for just 200 EUR/year.

Click here to see the dogs who don’t have a sponsor.

200 dogs were simply disposed of like garbage and ignored by one of the biggest companies in Europe which obviously can afford to look after these souls. We remind you that these dogs were collected from the steel plant, which belongs to one of the richest men in the World. Most ROLDA supporters are not “rich” but have rich hearts. They are compassionate, generous and willing to stop abuses and the hunger of 200 dogs left to starve to death.

Together, we can make our voices heard even in the richest offices in this World. Mr. Mittal must hear us and make justice for the dogs!

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