15 Oct

Help Cornelia

Help us stop Cornelia pain!

Cornelia was rescued from the streets. She became one of the 700 dogs from our shelters. Day by day, our staff does the out most to keep the dogs in best possible shape and offer professional, quality care.

From the very beginning, we noticed Cornelia limping and the vet concluded that it was about an old fracture. These were the investigations we could make locally. Every time Cornelia was outside the kennel’ area, she was moving OK and jumping but sometimes, she had a limping problem at one leg.

Click here to see a video from when Cornelia was in our shelter.

Not long after this film was made, Cornelia got an offer for a home in Holland. We were all happy that finally this playful girl will be adopted, spoiled and appreciated. Cornelia traveled to the new destination by car. As soon as she arrived in Holland, benefiting of different (better) medical investigation possibilities, Cornelia had an X-Ray.

X-Ray Cornelia

This is the X-Ray done in Holland. Cornelia had indeed an old fracture but according to the Dutch orthopedist,  there is lots of callus, bone and fibriotic tissue that has overgrown the fraction.The wrist now has a strange angle which makes her lame and causes her a lot of pain. The left leg is because of the fracture shorter (about 4 cm.) than the right leg and as the dog puts all her weight on the right leg this also will cause problems in the future.

The cost of a surgery in Holland would be approx 2500 EUR but there are no guarantees that she would walk any better or have no pain.

The other cheaper solution is the brace. This will make her run normally and also the 4cm difference in length of the two legs will be fixed with that.

Our Dutch team helped Cornelia reunited with her adopters, which are not rich and can’t afford expensive medical costs! It is our duty to help this dog live with no pain, enjoy her new life!

Please help us to raise 900 EUR to pay the specialist consultations in Holland and the brace for Cornelia!

The result will be a happy, playful, grateful dog! And a very grateful adoptive family….plus a grateful ROLDA team!

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