17 Dec

Heating solution for 700 dogs


Heating Solution for 700 dogs? Mission Possible!

How do you find a heating solution for 700 dogs?

Everyone knows how high heating bill can be during the winter months. Maybe you thought that keeping 2 shelters and 700 dogs warm all winter was impossible? Have you felt like it was too big a job to help save so many starving and homeless dogs in Romania?

Large shelter winter

It’s Not Too Big a Job and ROLDA is Ready for it!And no, it’s not as expensive as you would think….

We have done our homework, and we believe we have found a heating solution to keep our dogs healthier and happier.


Infrared heating lamps are something that we have heard about before, but we couldn’t use because our largest shelter, where most of the dogs are housed, didn’t have electricity. But now it does!

The Benefits of Infrared Heating Lamps:

  1. The colder the outdoor temperature is, the more efficient the lamps are at heating the shelter.
  2. The dogs get a source of light as well as heat, similar to natural sunlight.
  3. Modern medicine use infrared light to manage chronic illnesses. We’ll reduce, and hopefully eliminate, rheumatism and other diseases associated with cold and humidity. Healthier dogs are happier dogs!
  4. The kennels’ floor will always be kept dry.
  5. The infrared light helps dogs with heart or circulatory system problems.
  6. The infrared light reduces stress.

Of course there are some safety considerations:

– If the lamp’s glass breaks, the pieces could hurt the dogs or ignite the straw from the dog’ beds.

– If the lamp is placed too close to the dogs’ bodies, they could get burned.

But we have come up with solutions:

To prevent these risks, we have made sure that the heating lamps come with a protective metal guard. The heaters will not be placed above any areas where there is straw. The heaters will be placed far enough from the dogs’ beds to prevent the accidents.

To test this method of heating our shelters, we will purchase initially:

–2 portable 1500W heating lamps for the Adoption Center , which will be placed outside the kennel space and should heat the entire paddock.

Infrared lamp, mobile, waterproof
215 EUR/each

–10 heating lamps for kennel’ wall for one paddock (from the existent 12 paddocks) of the Rescue Center.

Infrared lamp, waterproof
145 EUR/each

So we need YOUR help!

  • Purchase of 12 lamps: 1880 EUR
  • Installation wire and electrical connection: 700 EUR
  • Total (including labor) 2580 EUR

Please Donate To Our Dogs Today!

This is just our first goal! We have another 11 paddocks with 10 kennels, each full of rescue dogs waiting to warm up. Next winter is coming soon, help us get to work!

Our Eventual Goal is:

Heating for 12 paddocks with 10 kennels/each (10 lamps) = 17,400 EUR (This amount doesn’t include manpower and installation/connection etc)

You Can Help Us Keep Homeless Dogs Warm Next Winter!

Thank You for Your Compassion and Generosity,

Without You, We Cannot Help Them!