13 Jul

We are grateful for your participation

Dear supporter,

This  follow-up letter is sent to you because you are receiving ROLDA newsletter, because you care about Romanian neglected , suffering street dogs and because you are part of our change,work and dreams.

In less then 10 years, ROLDA is the only Romanian charity that built two private shelters for dogs: one top rated from others 17 shelters as the best shelter from Romania. Every day because of people like you, we are able to provide: quality care for 700 rescue dogs, sterilization campaigns, rehabilitation therapy and ultimately, find a good home for the majority of saved dogs.

Our ambitions are higher:

  • Expand the large shelter to increase the number of rescue dogs to 1200/year and in the same time, increase the adoption rate;
  • Educate the community to adopt from shelter than buying pure breed dogs;
  • Invest into a therapy center with dogs for seniors to proof the benefits of a dog presence near a person;
  • Build running spaces for dogs to get exercises and socialize every day;
  • Create an ecological (“green”) Adoption facility for dogs and cats as well as a sanctuary for horses to increase local adoptions and make locals react more responsible (and compassionate) about street dogs issue.

A big dream would be to “free” all the un-adoptable dogs by opening a wild habitat  to offer a humane alternative to “prison for life” sentence. All these, aside from the current successful campaigns.

In order to accomplish these, in order to be able to save the next dog life, we need you!

We don’t need necessarily your donation, because there is a variety of others possibilities for you to help us in case you can’t contribute financially in this moment:

We are looking for volunteers to PR our work in other countries, to visit on holidays and help with daily activities, to write us a positive or negative comment, to adopt a dog from our shelters permanently or at distance/sponsor a dog.

We are planning to keep free the ROLDA Newsletters, in respect to our supporters and friends, that choose to remain informed about our charity work in Romania.

Please stay with us and help us build a healthier, happier society.

In response to the Romanian authorities corruption and indifference, our work on behalf of voiceless souls is tangible, noticeable, respected, rewarding.

Beside newsletter , you will get periodically short updates regarding special appeals, rescue cases, updates on current campaigns or new projects.

We need you to follow us with your heart and soul. Together we are a stronger team to contribute to a change in Romania, from inside the Romanian poorly educated, often indifferent society.