Professional fundraiser part time job offer

Target area: Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, UK


  • +2 yrs in marketing; fundraising and/or CSR function;
  • A large network with animal charities;
  • Expertise in building communities and key relationships with super fans.

Soft skills needed:

  • Generous;
  • Love marketing and building communities ;
  • A people person: Creative;
  • Genuine interest in working in the interest of saving street dogs.

Job description:

Set up, build and maintain an in-country contact data base of donors;

Create new fundraising opportunities by events and community actions;

Prospect new donors;

Write press releases;

Write fundraising proposal to existing donors and acquire new ones;

Your overall goal is to develop and execute a community based program to raise 30,000 EUR/year for the first year and double the income/every extra year.  Depending on fundraising achievements and awareness built a commission could be offered, to discuss contact us at mobile: 0040 748 903612