Sometimes, she is out in the sun. You can see her walking slowly and easily notice how thirsty she is. Every few steps, she stops to scratch. Her leathery skin is like an old shoe. Her body is full of scars and bleeding, open wounds. A few meters away, an emptied plastic box half filled with water – most likely, a nice person passing by couldn’t do more but didn’t want to completely ignore and do nothing.

There is no source of food around and she can hardly walk a long distance, to find some trash to eat because dangers are everywhere: bigger dogs will attack her, rushing cars will kill her.

She has a lair dig in the ground, where she hides from torrid heat, from dangers and where she can lick safely her wounds. This is the natural way in which street dogs heal their wounds.
But when she hears a new car stopping, she also stops. Her heart starts beating faster. She is not afraid because deep in the ground, people can’t find her. Unless she wants to. Her tiny head jumps in the light, she turns left and right and sniff the air, with ears up to catch any new noise.

She didn’t met too many good people, but some threw her rest of meals. Her heart starts beating faster because today, might be a lucky day when she might stop worry about her next meal. She sees a hand standing still in front of her eyes. She sniffs the hand, trying to analyze the possible danger. She looks up and a friendly face smiles her. And the two arms grab her tiny body and lift her up. That’s the rescue mission when we saved Diamond. This is how a rescue mission goes …when our team is able to save lives because of our compassionate supporters.

We call the tiny hairless dog Diamond because of two reason: 1. we try to give a name to all our dogs and 2. this name was chosen by a supporter and this is another touching story for me.

Profesional fundraisers are business people. They have a strategy in mind and consider the fundraising a science. Which probably is. But they also have something else: a big heart. Or at least the fundraisers I have the pleasure to work with. Liz is one of these people with big heart. And she instantly felt in love of Diamond and became the first donor for this lucky little soul.

To survive, Diamond needs your help. Any contribution will improve Diamond’ s current condition.


Together, we can change Diamond’ s life and give her a brighter future, and why not – a home?

“Together, we can save more dogs like Diamond, for which we need regular source of funding. This is why I suggest you to click here to visit this page in case you consider to make a small or bigger, monthly donation to our charity.

I remind you that for us, there is no small donation and each penny is put at work to change animals’ lives, to rescue dogs like Diamond and provide them with the food, medical care and sheltering they deserve to have. Please spare a penny and help Diamond (and others like her) live.” invites you Dana Costin – President of ROLDA.