07 Oct


Winter makes victims

Winter claims many victims …including stray dogs

Romanian winters comprise heavy snow storms, gushing cold winds, freezing rain, and extreme temperatures that can reach -30 °C (- 22 °F) day or night. Winter has been responsible for delaying food, medicine, and supplies to our shelters. It has been responsible for devastating and costly property damage, and it’s been responsible for getting many of our dogs sick.

But at ROLDA, we’re not only thinking about our dogs and our shelter, we’re also thinking about those stray dogs who still need rescuing. Winter isn’t only making them cold, hungry, or sick…it’s killing them.

When the snow falls for days and it lies thick on the ground, it can take our staff an entire day to clear all the snow in our shelter so that we may be able attend to our dogs. Some days the snow reaches above their knees, making it even more challenging to do their job.

Now imagine a skinny, weak, and sick stray dog trying to walk with all that snow on the ground. Imagine how impossible it must be to find food under that snow. Any garbage or dead rodents they usually feed on has been buried.
What do they eat now? How do they keep warm?

One of my biggest fears is that a day will come when I will be no longer able to feed my dogs. They are not 1 or 10…I could handle that. They are 650-700 dogs, all beautiful, loving and special, all in search of attention, love and good care, after a lifetime of suffering on the streets. They all depend on me and I would rather die than see them suffering again. I made a promise to each of these dogs, the day they came in our shelters, that nobody will hurt them, ever again. Help me keep this promise!” said Dana Costin, founder of ROLDA.

Before winter claims more stray dogs, we need your help.
We need to fundraise for high-protein food reserves for the 650 dogs in our shelters, food to help poor families who cannot afford to feed their pets, and, of course, food to feed the stray dogs.
Remember: Winter is claiming them first…and fast.

One Meal Donated by You will Save A Life

Every $ or EUR represent a high nutrient dog meal.
Click to donate 1 $ (or EUR) to provide 1 meal for 1 dog.

Join ROLDA FoodRaiser and help us raise enough provision of dog food to feed every dog in need before more lives are lost. We didn’t set a goal for the provision campaign but any extra left will go toward the Christmas campaign which all our supporters are waiting.

Every little bit counts. There is no small donation because even 1$, EUR will feed a dog once…and for that particular dog, your donation makes a big difference!

This year was very challenging for me and ROLDA charity. The stress and worries reached the highest limit in many occasions but only cowards give up. Before the big shelter was started, I was asked by a local VIP if I am aware of the “consequences” and the amount of work that I seem ready to commit for the years to come. I never hesitated and looking back, I have no regrets. Working with animals and running a charity is a valuable lesson in life. One I am grateful I can handle, each year, with the help of ROLDA generous supporters and friends. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and please, let’s feed some animals together” concluded Dana.

Unless you want to remain Anonymous, your name and the number of meals donated will appear on the Christmas Warm Meals for Dogs page.