09 Jul

Food for Arthur

Food Bank for Arthur

Arthur bowl of food is empty

Arthur is a 2 months old German Shepherd cross. He was thrown over the fence in our shelter, where the pack of big dogs discover him. They basically adopted him before we did because he was already cuddling near Grasa (one big female) when our staff came to work in the morning.

Arthur likes to sleep at shadow all day long if he doesn’t eat.Which he also like doing. He prefers soft food and goat milk. Arthur is clean and likes to get belly massage. When he doesn’t like that anymore, he growls. Very funny puppy indeed!

What heart to have to abandon such a beautiful puppy with no drop of water when outside temperature reached 104F (40C) degrees?!Sadly, people like that are all over. They get rid of “problems” like Arthur and these dogs become our responsibility. For as long as they live or until they are adopted or for as long as we can.

As sweet as Arthur is, helped by you, he will get for sure a nice home, immediately after the vaccinations are done and quarantine time is off. To look after dogs like Arthur, we need to cover special food and veterinary costs.

If you simply felt in love with Arthur, what you can do:

1. Share his story with your friends on social networks;

2. Donate food for Arthur (and his buddies, so we can continue rescuing mission in Romania)

Thank you (woof! woof!) in Arthur’s name!