31 Mar

Food for 200 dogs

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Fill the Bowl, Fight Hunger

Help 200 dogs fight hunger in Romania!

Every day, countless shelters from all over the World ask for help from their supporters. In the past, ROLDA didn’t request ongoing support for food, except the winter campaigns when emergency aid food had to go to homeless animals from the surroundings, or be donated to pets from families with extremely low income. Recently, our budget suffered radical changes, and today I must ask for your attention and your support to feed our dogs!

In the past years, the principal costs of the large shelter were financially sustained by the steel company. At this very moment, we were informed that the steel company refuses to feed 200 of the total of 630 dogs. Again the dogs are let down by the steel company. In 2014, the steel company reduced the total financial support for ROLDA with 20%! Because we believed in this partnership, we accepted as an excuse for 7 years, the “bad economy” argument. During these years our shelter wasn’t connected to electricity and water between 2008-2014! We were dependent on generators to provide electricity and to power the water pumps.

Since 2014, approx. 40% of the total costs for the dogs were cut by the steel plant. We can’t continue our work under these circumstances.

Not even the “bad economy” excuse can justify the worst decision that the steel company recently undertook: the sewage machine, vital to keep the shelter in good health standards for dogs and for staff workers, was canceled. The steel company suggested that we should pay for the sewage machine, if we continue to need it. This happened after 40% cut of financial support. This is simply revolting!

Shelter managers are fully responsible for the animals housed in their shelters. There is no excuse to fail and let those animals, completely dependent on you, to starve.said Dana Costin, Founder of ROLDA. 650 dogs, a few cats and one donkey are currently housed in the large and small shelters of ROLDA.

One of my worst fears is that the day will come, and I am not able to feed my dogs.
In time I realized that “saving” dogs is the easiest part of this mission. Whatever happens next: the resources needed, the time and energy dedicated to rehabilitate these scared souls, the management of the shelters…this is much more complicated. Especially if you aim to do things responsibly, and I do. Thanks to you, our supporters, I can ”.

puppy Romania

Fill the Bowl for 200 dogs!

Donate by PayPal or contact us at rolda@care2.com if you prefer to send a cheque. Or wire money using one of ROLDA bank accounts opened Worldwide.

Food is a principal resource for our activity. We need food for 200 of the total of 630 dogs from large shelter, which have no sponsor. In addition we need food for small shelter’ dogsand cats but also the emergency aid food for the social program addressed to poor community which we make efforts to sustain to look after their pets responsibly, to keep them healthy and avoid dogs being abandonment.