07 Apr

First quarter 2014

First Quarter 2014 Newsletter   banner_newvan_vertical2

 Done in the first three months

During the first three months  ROLDA saved 120 dogs, sterilized 72 ad re-homed 41 dogs .


In addition to daily rescue work,  the educational program looks encouraging because of some great teachers from secondary schools located in the nearby villages and their very enthusiast young students.




Gail from UK traveled to Romania to meet Light, the dog she felt in love with – the dog that she will welcome soon in her home. After visiting the shelter, she couldn’t resist and choose a second dog to adopt: little Hope, a very lucky rescue pup which has secured a happy safe future.

The worst time


This happened in February when a heavy snow storms made our work extremely difficult for a week.

How your donation was used?

The two lotteries organized by Lolita in Switzerland raised 3000 CHF. In addition, we received close to 3000 EUR donations from Swiss supporters for natural wind barrier that is currently planted to protect the large shelter against the coming years’ harsh winters. In the couple of years, this is how we wish the large shelter to look like: surrounded by a green, protective trees belt.


The remained amount will be used for dogs and shelter expenses.

In February month, ROLDA USA wired in our Romanian account 4200 EUR from the US donors. 46,600 NOK were raised by our Norwegian branch specifically to purchase a professional snow blower and the remained (total) amounts to cover the building costs from the large shelter, which means:

1. Expand the existent fence to secure the additional plot of land recently purchased. The 15,000 EUR represents the total (which includes the man power, rented equipment and materials) and we still need to raise 5,000 EUR to pay the company.

2. Spring repairs and wall paint at the REX Clinic

One of “must done” repairs are the wood beds which are filled with straws and used for dogs to stay and be protected from the cold, wet ground.


3. General cleaning, disinfection of the large shelter


4. Build the PawzUp Wall -a special place located in front of the clinic to honor our donors (people that donate 50 EUR or more specifically to the building projects initiated by our charity)

The current worries

The Romanian new law threaten the life of thousands of street dogs. They could be catch from streets and killed any moment. It could happen today or tomorrow. It stays in our power to try to rescue as many dogs from the imminent danger of being killed.

Currently, we run two shelters full of dogs. We don’t want to overcrowd them, as life in a shelter and adaptation is already stressful for a dog used to live in freedom.

Some EU countries already started to impose new rules for people who wish to adopt a dog from Romania. The international adoptions are estimated to  decrease as number in a moment when our goal was to significantly increase them.

My worries are that we’ll not be able to save as many dogs as we could because lack of shelter free spaces.

What you can do?

You can double your impact to help our 700 dogs TODAY!

For each dog you sponsor, we will save a new dog from streets.

Click here to sponsor Ursula TODAY!

Female, sterilized, sociable, small size, excellent companion. As you can see, she has no sponsor yet!!!


See other dogs that need a home or a sponsor

For each dog that you adopt, we will have a spare place for a new dog to rescue.

Who needs to be rescued NOW?


How else you can help?

1)Donate to help us feed our dogs for the coming month!

2€ Buy a tree
8€ Name a tree
10€ Feed a hungry dog
25€ Repair a dog bed

2)Help us to promote our dogs in your country to potential adopters.

3)Donate a tree for our shelter or name a tree!

4)Donate to help us repair dog beds


Being indifferent and ignoring this message, that would be the worst!