An expression of your passion for dogs

Did you ever find a dog to be ugly or disgusting? Do you often find yourself complimenting dogs or commenting on their imperfections? What do you think about homeless dogs?

A lot of people find a homeless dog to be a filthy, skinny, sick, old, deformed, or disabled animal. You would be shocked at how many horrible remarks I’ve heard people say about these poor street dogs—not to mention the terrible way they treat them.

These poor dogs don’t have someone to give them a bath, comb their fur, brush their teeth, or trim their nails. They don’t have someone to give them healthy meals so they look strong and healthy.

But what if they did?

Believe me, the transformation is unbelievable! We know because we have saved many unappealing street dogs and revealed their beauty.

Eco is one of them. When we rescued Eco from the industrial part of Galati—where hundreds of dogs are abandoned—he was sick, starving, and scared. His fur was completely covered in mud and he had severe skin problems. But we helped him!

Because he deserved it! Every dog is beautiful. Some may have one eye … three legs … bad teeth … But the real beauty lies in their gratitude.

All dogs lucky enough to receive love are grateful for it … but the gratitude of a homeless dog who has been adopted is a rare and wonderful thing. Eco has yet to find a loving family.

Visit his profile page today and find out how you can adopt or sponsor him.
Remember … he deserves love too.

P.S. We have over 200 dogs featured on our website that are looking for a home. Find a dog today and discover their beauty and unmatched gratitude.