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Financial report

Financial Report

Charities cannot exist or remain active without the donations and trust of their supporters.
ROLDA started with a budget of 3,000 EUR/year and one employee. Today, ROLDA is a charity with representatives on 3 continents, a budget exceeding 300,000 EUR/year and a strong rescue team. Its shelters are a home for over 700 dogs.
ROLDA was and continues to be the product of its supporters’ trust, compassion and commitment. ROLDA looks forward to fight for animals’ rights and wellbeing alongside its devoted supporters today and tomorrow.

Annual Report 2015 is here!

1st January – 31 December 2015 – Romanian currency -RON

Capital                   33000
Assets                   759584
Income                1660491
Costs                   1483991
Surplus                  176500
Debts                    340072

To briefly analyze the 2015 financial year and compare it with 2014, you can see that:
Assets multiplied x 2.79 times.
Income and costs for 2015 are lower than 2014 but in the normal limits of the previous year and this happened because the income from 2014 was used as investment in assets. While there is a surplus at the end of 2015, it includes the urgent payments for first weeks of 2016.

ROLDA Romania’s latest financial reports are publicly available and include all the donations received from the international branches. Please click on the year relevant to your research:

Financial Report 2015

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ROLDA USA (Romanian League in Defense of Animals)’s financial data is publicly and transparently available.The F990 forms are here, please click on the year relevant for your research:

F990-2014 page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7 and page 8




The graphic shows the incomes/expenses from 2010 to 2015. The amounts are expressed in EUR and conversation rate used is 1EUR = 4.5 RON. All financial reports are available publicly on Ministry of Finances’ official website: mfinante.ro

83% of the total income on 2015 resulted from private donations sent online or by bank transfer directly to Romania and from local contracts while 17% represented the donations sent from our affiliates from Switzerland, USA, Norway and Sweden.

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