08 May

Feed Wolf!

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being hungry?

It can be stressful, annoying, but at some point it becomes painful. Shortly after, you will not be able to think of anything else than food…you will have one single wish: to eat as much as you.

The hunger is sadly a common “disease” around the World. There are many abandoned or homeless dogs that starve to death in Romania: too weak because of an illness or because they are not accepted in a pack – simply too weak to hunt to remain alive!


Wolf is just one of the malnourished street dogs of Romania.

He weights 2 kilos and he is probably around 1 year old. Don’t know how many good meals he had during his entire life or how many times he eat plastic bags with rests that smell like food.

But, thanks to you, Wolf will never be hungry again.

ROLDA private, small shelter has 60 adults and puppies and recently an addition of 4 dogs saved from the public pound.

All these dogs need quality food and a few, diet food. Wolf and the rescued puppies need extra protein food. Because of the last sunny and warm days, ticks and fleas flourished and buying spot-on treatments (e.g. Advantix) become a priority.

These are our current priorities. Below, you can observe how fundraising is going and when the amount is completed.

Please select your gift:

20€ Food for Wolf
15€ Spot-on treatment
10€ Feed a dog

or Donate securely by credit card

400 EUR collected already for Wolf and the rest of the dogs. We aim for 3,000 EUR so we can provide them all treatments against parasites.

Not long ago, TOGETHER we made a miracle happening for Nabi… Wolf became a very lucky dog the moment we rescue him, because I am hopeful that TOGETHER will change his future into a bright, safe one!