29 Mar

Everyday work

Day by day activity at the large shelter

Definitely this (place) rivals some of the dogs kennels in UK!

Carmel, volunteer UK (August 2011)

The large shelter is one of the few across Romania (and south-east of Europe) that meet the EU requirements to be registered in TRACES system.

Currently it operates at its full capacity.

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The catching team consists of 2 experienced employees. Firstly, they try to catch the dogs without stressing them and ultimately, using a tranquilizing gun.

The protection equipment is mandatory and includes special gloves and working boots.

After the dog is captured, a paper is completed as required by the new law.

The dogs are transported in our rescue van, which is authorized by the Veterinary Direction (DSV).

The dogs are unloaded from the van by the catching team, assisted by the vet and the rest of staff. The dogs are sorted by sex and size in separated isolation boxes.

The new coming dogs that need special assistance will be placed in heated, isolation boxes (metal crates)

Metal crates for isolation

We need to buy 10 metal crates for isolation. Please make a donation!

The new dogs are tested against distemper immediately. They have administrated de-worming pills and flea control spot on products (based on their weight). After 2 days, the new dogs get the rabies and polyvalent vaccines (Eurican DHPPI2-LR by Merial)

The extremely weak dogs can’t be sterilized immediately as they need time and extra nutrition to reach the normal weight.

All the new dogs are sterilized and kept under observation for minimum 3 days.

A special recovery block will serve this purpose.

The dogs’ behavior is evaluated and as a result, groups of dogs are formed to share a kennel. A dog evaluation includes how he accepts strangers’ presence, other dogs, leash, how much energy and how noisy he seems.  Our experience confirms that a dog behavior can change during the time he is in a shelter.

Sociable and little shy dogs are advertised on ROLDA website to be adopted or sponsored.

Trying to take to a dog 4-5 good photo is a job itself. One of the jobs I would love to be paid for!!!

The less sociable, scared or really wild dogs needs time to build confidence. Some needs weeks, or months or sometimes years. How quickly we can forget about bad incidents from our past? Dogs are also emotionally affected and healing their injured “soul” takes time, patience and perseverance.

This is the moment when a ROLDA employee becomes a hero.

While a donor is our hero for making a rescue mission possible, once the dog becomes a part of our family, it is our job, our responsibility (done with passion) to make any wild dog a safe, rehomable pet.

While in our care, these dogs need:

  • Running spaces for daily exercises
  • Trees and shrubberies to limit the noise, to remove smell and not lastly, to make the place more esthetic for volunteers and for dogs; Donate 2 EUR for a tree!
2€ Donation for a tree
10€ Name a tree

  • Dog agility equipment to keep them happy and busy
  • Dogs’ supplies and accessories, grooming supplies
  • Veterinary items and consumables.