24 Jun

Estate planning professionals

ROLDA seeks Estate Planning Professionals

The goal of planned giving is to help donors plan their estates and charitable giving in ways that benefit the donor, their heirs, and the animals that so desperately need help. The federal tax code allows for several trusts and gift agreements that are used in making planned gifts to ROLDA. These can provide significant tax benefits for donors. Therefore, the study and practice of planned giving is twofold. It involves knowledge of people and their needs as well as knowledge of taxation and the gift agreements available to fill those needs.

ROLDA is seeking the support of estate planning professionals (lawyers, tax accountants, trust officers, CLUs, and others) to help in two specific ways:

  • To help guide donors who are interested in making a planned gift through the complexities of the process and,
  • To encourage clients who have an interest in animals and ROLDA’s lifesaving work (and a need to make a tax-advantaged donation) to consider doing so.

Please kindly consider partnering with us!
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Important Information

ROLDA was registered in the State of Washington on July 4, 2006 as a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) corporation.
Our legal full name is Romanian League in Defense of Animals, Inc.
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law, EIN: 32-0176929

From meager beginnings, with an annual budget of just over $3,000, one employee and a few rescue dogs, ROLDA made strong steps to reach our current capacity. We have representatives in multiple countries, two sanctuaries with hundreds of dogs, a strong and passionately committed rescue and rehabilitation team – and operate cost-effectively on a budget exceeding $330,000.

We were, are and always will be empowered by our supporters trust, compassion and involvement, and our deep respect for compassionate values and for life, as well as transparency in all of our activities.

For the most recent fiscal year, 96% of all funds donated were directed to program activity.

ROLDA’s IRS Form 990s (as well as the financial data from Romania accounts) can be found here.

Our life saving programs are listed in left menu of this article.

Our work is not easy (it’s sometimes very sad – the plight of homeless dogs can be tragic) but the rewards are priceless. Rescuing an abandoned or abused animal, providing lifesaving veterinary care, temporary sanctuary (or permanent sanctuary), loving and nurturing scared street dogs, helping them to trust people again, and finding adoptive homes – are ROLDA’s reason for being –moments we will forever cherish.

We are thankful for the trust and help of our growing corps of supporters who make our work possible.

To continue to grow and do what we do for the animals, your partnership to help us through the complexities of planned giving would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you so much for your consideration!