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Campaigns Endorsed by the US President

Education Campaigns Endorsed by The President of The United States

Hobbes and Tami graphic campaign

With the world’s population growing rapidly, social problems are bound to arise. Different cultures, traditions, and religions are often clashing instead of living harmoniously. It’s fair to say that things can get complicated.

Most of us are greatly affected by the pressures of society in a negative and harmful way. We experience harassment, discrimination, and abuse from members of our own community. We may have our beliefs attacked because they do not agree with others. In other words, we are being bullied.

Sadly, the Internet has given bullies the power to destroy the lives of people around the world.
Combating bullying has become a hot topic. It has united people globally, including celebrities, artists, and politicians.


In countries like Romania, where the stray dog population is out of control, animal abuse, harassment, and discrimination towards strays is overwhelming. The endless cycle of dog overpopulation creates violent conflict between humans and dogs — a clash that always results in the slaughter of thousands of weak and defenseless dogs.

But there is a major difference when violence and abuse are aimed at animals. Dogs have no voice, no rights, and no protection. They are completely vulnerable. It is up to us humans to protect them. And yet so few people do.

Countries around the world must unite to be a voice for those who cannot speak. We must stand up and say that animal abuse and abandonment is not acceptable.

ROLDA has active volunteers on three continents constantly working to educate people about to the plight of Romania’s strays, and speaking up on their behalf. The abuses which occur are horrific and must stop — on our streets and in the hell that is a Romanian public “shelter”.

In July 2015 our team joined Hobbes, a rescued dog from the USA who fights against bullying. Hobbes belongs to Bruce and Tami, an American couple who did not want to leave Hobbes’s story untold.

Bruce, Tami, and Hobbes started an education campaign addressed to kids in elementary school. Bruce and Tami also wrote a book entitled “Hobbes Goes Home” and also host a live radio show.

In the USA, the Hobbes campaign has recruited many fans, but there is no other country like Romania where Hobbes’s message could have such an incredible impact. Hobbes’s message of compassion and kindness is not just addressed to street dogs, but all animals, especially those who are abandoned, abused, and tormented. Hobbes’s message also extends to animal activists who are harassed and bullied by authorities and their community.

Hobbes’s message is meant to educate and inspire the entire global community. Everyone should be taught to respect each other, the environment, and animals. Compassion should not be limited amongst ourselves, but expressed to our fellow animals, with whom we share this planet.
Bullying and abuse of animals and people is unacceptable anywhere, and everywhere.

Combating bullying is a campaign close to my heart. Not only because it speaks up for the most vulnerable souls, but for personal reasons, too. For 10 years I have been harassed for my own beliefs, and the work that I and ROLDA do. I refuse to be beaten down. I am strong enough to never let go of even the biggest of my dreams. I hope that others can stay strong for themselves, but also for those who may feel weak, who may want to give up the fight to create a kinder world. Together, we can rely on each other for strength. Together we are stronger, and our dreams will never die.
Dana - Founder ROLDA

“Hobbes Goes Home” is one of the most important animal-related children books ever written. It has already reached 65 schools in the USA. Every day more and more young people are learning Hobbes’s message, and growing aware about bullying and animal abuse. Teaching children about respect and compassion for each other, the environment, and animals is a positive change that is bound to change the future of the country.

If we commit ourselves, this positive change can spread across every continent, creating a kinder, better future for all — for those who walk on two legs, and those who roam the land on four.
And now for some great news!

And now for some great news!

As of today, for every copy of “Hobbes Goes Home” sold to ROLDA supporters, Hobbes, Bruce, and Tami will donate US$5 to ROLDA’s dogs!

Follow these easy steps to get your very own copy of “Hobbes Goes Home” to help dogs worldwide, combat bullying, and earn a donation of US$5 for the hundreds of dogs at ROLDA. Start here:

    1. Go to the store at www.bruceandhobbes.com, and purchase the book, “Hobbes Goes Home”
    2. When checking out, there is a box that says “donation code.” Type in ROLDA.

That’s it.

Hobbes has a sister campaign in Romania: TAMI.

TAMI was named after Tami and her sister who were rescued from an industrial site in Galati. Both Tami and her sister are now safe in our ROLDA shelter.

We will never know how many times Tami was abused. She cannot tell us her story. However, she is a fighter and a survivor. Best of all, she is forgiving. She has put the horrors she suffered behind her, and is now offering her paw to each new person she meets.

It is her way of saying “I mean you no harm. Please show me the same consideration.” It is Tami’s show of forgiveness, gratitude, and affection. It is her handshake — a sign of trust and peace. When you look into Tami’s eyes, you will see a gentle soul that is making the most of her second chance at life. (Read Tami’s full story here)

The President of the United States is endorsing the education campaign that Hobbes, Bruce, and Tami started (Read full endorsement letter from President of United States)


If ROLDA volunteers managed to spread the word about the Romanian stray dog crisis to 9 countries on 3 continents, we could save many more Romanian strays from misery. Millions of Romanian homeless and abandoned dogs are relying on us to speak up for them. Their lives depend on our life-saving work, which relies on you, your donations, and your voice.

Please. Do Not Turn Your Back. Do Not Remain Indifferent!