28 Mar

Education keys


ROLDA education campaign has three distinctive sectors:

1. People helping animals

a) Social assistance program for special rescuers:

ROLDA aims to identify and provide support (in terms of donated goods) to children coming from poor families that help the neglected animals. These children often can’t access high education levels and each positive initiative should be encouraged by the society because they represent the future and very possibly, some of them might become the future of animal welfare movement in Romania.

In the same time, we would like to extend the Joy of Giving. Miracle of sharing Campaign, by increasing the number of local seniors that will benefit from our support, offered at least during special events like Christmas or Easter time.

b) Museum of Dog is a virtual museum, opened on 4th April 2013 (World Stray Animals Day) to honor the human and dog bond which remained very special, over the centuries.

c) International volunteers (Go to the Testimonials page)

2. Animals helping people -TheraPAW

Open a therapy center in the town of Galati, where seniors with no family members, no support and no financial resources to afford to cover the monthly pet costs will get the benefits of sharing quality times in the company of some of our dogs.

We also aim to organize “open doors” days (during summer time) for local seniors at the Adoption Center.

Village lady and cat

3. Social responsibility

Increase the adoption rate from our dogs’ shelter read more

Continue the collaboration with the gymnasium/secondary school from Smardan

Against bullying campaign using Tami-the-dog as online ambassador.

In addition to the above described strategy, ROLDA will continue to target:

  •  Responsible pet ownership (pet sterilization, pet diseases control, anti-chaining).
  • Responsible shelter management (public or private Romanian shelters that do not meet EU legal minimum standards must be closed until completely renovated).
  • Provide post-adoption guidance, basic training and behavior advices for (former street) dogs adopted.
  • Protest against any form of animal abuse – Sign here our latest petition!
  • Protest against bullying.