30 Apr

Donate for vaccines


No dog deserves a bleeding heart!

25 EUR covers the cost of a booster vaccine that will immunize against the most terrible diseases which can affect the dog’s health but also affect the others (dogs and humans) to whom they daily interact with. Please donate 25 EUR or as much as you can!

End of January 2016, ROLDA ordered vaccines for all our 650 dogs. Vaccination is done annually for adult dogs, while new saved puppies are vaccinated 2 times with best possible vaccines that exist in Romania in this moment: EURICAN DHPPI2 -LR. (This vaccine is also against rabies). When the steel plant abusively terminated the contract with us and when they “abandoned” 200 dogs in our care, our attention turned to find resources for food but medical costs can’t be neglected.
These vaccines bills must be paid now because the provider refuse to send us more vaccines, for the new dogs saved, until we will pay these ones.

Please help us keep the dogs healthy and in good shape.

Photo: Gold

Without proper medical preventive support, dogs can get seriously sick. Gold was an adorable dog which was about to travel in Sweden when we discovered (using a snap test) that he suffered a terminal phase of Dirofilaria. His heart could cease in any moment, but Gold general condition didn’t raise any questions about this hidden problem.

Photo: Gold’s heart suffering terminal Heartworm disease

Preventive actions like vaccination and treatment against parasites help our dogs enjoy a quality life and help adopters to find the best dogs in our shelters.
Please donate to help us pay the vaccines and be able to order more vaccines as soon as possible for the new coming dogs!