21 May

Dogs in. Ticks out.

Susy is in danger. Help!

Susy is a street dog.
She is not a ROLDA dog because of two simple reasons:
1. We would never let one of our beautiful dogs get into this terrible state of health. We care far too much to let it ever happen. 2. Our supporters would not allow Susy to get in this state of poor health. When a dog is in need our supporters always help out!

What happened to Susy? Summer challenges

From a few weeks, we enjoy warm, summer days in Romania. In a way, it’s good because we put the snow storms and freezing, siberian days behind…but every season has its challenges.

Health first – Help us stop Babesiosis

ROLDA is lucky to have a small, but smart group of active supporters. They are not only compassionate and generous animal lovers, but as well, they are responsible humans. They know that clean and healthy dogs mean clean and healthy communities. Diseases like Babesiosis or Lyme happen because of ticks or fleas bites. These diseases are catastrophic for people, and pets but can be easily prevented. And it doesn’t cost much at all.

One of my most important duties is to keep my dogs and my staff protected from the risk of injury or disease. But I cannot do it alone. This is why I need your help.

All our 700 dogs need to have a treatment against external parasites. Also, the green areas of both shelters and inside kennels need anti flea treatment.

What can YOU do

Dogs like Susy suffer because of extreme weather conditions. In winter time, many dogs have frozen paws, frostbite, and there are usually fewer food resources available. In summer, they struggle to find fresh water, and suffer from horrible discomfort and itchy skin caused by parasites.

There are many problems for which we have no solution. There are many problems for which we have no resources to change things…but…in this case, it’s so simple!

With your help, dogs like Susy can stop suffering!

It is inhumane to see a dog like Susy and stay indifferent. You can turn you eyes away…or you can help us. There is a very simple (and affordable) way to control this problem!

Spot on treatments are available for 7 EUR. Liquid solution for our kennels’ parasite control is only 30 EUR.

Please make a generous contribution to keep our rescued dogs, our staff as well as our visitors and adopters healthy and happy!

Thank you for your care and generosity! ROLDA Team