Christmas is not just for people …

Your generosity is the
True Miracle this Christmas!

This ROLDA campaign is addressed to our compassionate and generous supporters who know what Christmas is really about.

Every winter, ROLDA strives to provide food and warmth to thousands of homeless dogs in the southeast of Romania. For the “nobody’s dogs” in Romania, there is no Santa, there is no Christmas. We can change this! For Christmas 2020, you can spread your magic power and be a Santa to a stray dog in need!

Meet the 7 senior #roldadogs who became elves in order to guide Santa’s sleigh to reach hundreds of dogs in need of a miracle this Christmas:

is one of the oldest dogs from ROLDA shelter.

had surgery this year to have a tumor removed.

suffered temporary paralysis but he is back on his feet now.


looks like a big donuts but he never stops being protective with his food.


continues to wait for a perfect home after years of waiting.

remains a goldie princess full of energy.

still hates the leash but adores the company of people.

For these dogs, and the 700 they share the shelter with, ROLDA is the place they call home. Perhaps not the most modern of shelters, but it’s the space where these dogs feel safe, where they are properly cared for by a small team of dedicated people.

Fill the bowl

Fight hunger


It’s #dogsXMAS

Since our Christmas Food Appeal began 5 years ago, our ROLDA supporters continue to open their hearts. With their generosity, we have successfully delivered 62000 meals to starving homeless dogs from the Galati community.

ROLDA’s goal for this Christmas campaign is to raise funds for 20k meals. This is enough to provide food for all our shelter over the Christmas and New Year period and to feed the hungry packs of strays who starve in the abandoned ruins of industrial buildings.

Every euro buys a special Christmas meal for a starving dog from the streets or brings the holiday spirit to a dog from our shelter.
Donate as many Christmas meals as you wish, as often as wish, until the campaign ends on the 27th of December.

We go where Santa doesn’t venture,
thanks to YOU!

“Do you know the spiritual meaning of finding a coin on the streets? Outside a supermarket or as I simply walk on the streets in Galati, I often find coins that I collect because I believe it’s good luck. But recently I learned that each time you find a coin, a dog from heaven is thinking of you …and in my mind, that explains how I find these coins only in Galati and not when traveling outside my town. I save these coins in a wallet because I feel there is something special about them, but they are even more special now I know the dogs I saved, who have since passed, think of me so often.

But the dogs who are still here in our shelters very much count on my support. I made a promise. Every Christmas, my biggest wish is to help as many as I can to live safer lives, with dignity and to find forever homes with loving families. Once a dog is adopted, their shelter place is taken by a newly rescued dog. It’s an endless, emotionally consuming undertaking that the ROLDA team feels privileged to carry out. It’s within our power to transform this world into the place we want to live. Galati is the town where I was born and have lived my whole life. It’s the 5th largest town in Romania, located in one of the poorest regions of the country, with an estimated population of 15k strays. Every month, our staff and I worry about finding the resources to pay for food and vet bills. During snowstorms, our hands are full, removing the mountains of snow that cover the whole shelter – a big area of 15.000 square meters which is shoveled with our own hands. Your donation to help feed our dogs eliminates a big worry we have and frees us up to focus on helping more rescues. It’s #dogsXMAS …Please be the Santa they never had.”

Dana, Founder of ROLDA

So many abandoned and homeless dogs would love a Christmas gift from you!

Fill the Santa sleigh

Full tummies on Christmas Days


Full tummies & happy wagging tails from Christmas until New Year


Share Christmas Joy by protecting a dog from the bitter cold


Share Christmas Joy with a veterinary health pack



Choose your own gift

Things we do together for animals this winter

Provide essential food to hungry strays

Shovel tons of snow to keep the dogs from shelters safe

Shovel tons of snow to keep the dogs from shelters safe

#roldadogs adopted in forever homes where they enjoy Christmas

Your Greatness Is Not What You
Have, It’s What You Give!

Make a special friend smile! Send a ROLDA e-card!

Created by wonderful artists who love animals, ROLDA e-cards help us raise awareness about the plight of Romanian animals.

Be special this Christmas! Shop to
help animals in need!

When you purchase any of these items, you will support the dogs from the ROLDA shelters who will then get a special treat over Christmas!

Christmas Gift Tags


Christmas Cloth Decoration


Christmas cover bottle


Pawparazzi Dogs Calendar 2021


Get yourself into the Christmas spirit!

Do good for #roldadogs and all other animals in need around the world!

Christmas doesn’t mean stress, rush, or compulsive shopping. Christmas is the celebration of compassion and generosity. From far away in Romania, we are thinking of all our ROLDA supporters and friends and are preparing a small gift for you, which you can download and share with your friends:


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This Christmas Day, Rambo will be properly fed and enjoy a treat or two…almost certainly for the first time ever!

Rambo is a dog with an unhappy destiny. Born on the streets or perhaps abandoned at an early age, he grew up fearing people and considering them feared aggressors. He tried to take shelter on someone’s farm and was attacked and chased away by the owner’s dogs who were doing their duty as guard animals. That’s how Rambo ended up with an injured paw and an ugly infection that endangered his mobility and life.

We managed to find him and provide him with medical care. The wounds and infection were severe enough to leave him without that paw. Moreover, having a weakened body, he reacted to the vaccine and became ill with parvo, a relentless disease with a high mortality rate. For three days Rambo did not touch anything, but then slowly recovered. The convalescence spent with ROLDA volunteers made Rambo understand that people can bring something other than pain and fear.