Dog suffers two severe legs fractures, vets operate

I received a call from a man in Vanatori village frantic about a dog in terrible pain. He said he saw the dog trying to jump a metallic fence, but got stuck and broke both legs.

He also said that men tried to help her, but she was defensive, not allowing them to approach her. The men got scared and left.

The man told me that he feared for the dog because she was in agony and losing a lot of blood. He also mentioned that many unfriendly strays roamed around the area and feared they could attack her, however, he said there was a big dog protecting her and licking her wounds.

I called the vet to meet me and our Rescue Team at the dog’s location right away.

The vet arrived quickly and found the dog’s legs covered in blood. She had lost a lot of blood and was indeed guarded by another dog.

The injured dog had to be tranquilized.

One leg may need amputation and the other seems to be healing but the vet cannot give any guarantees.
The man who called me later told me that this dog gave birth to 6 puppies last summer, and that 2 died in front of her after being struck by car. He said she was “guarding them” for days, mourning their tragic death.

We named her MAIA.

5 Hours in Surgery

The Saviet veterinary team operated on the graver leg first. They removed articulation, transplanted small bone fragments, and attached a temporary prosthesis. They had to leave two holes in Maia’s leg to drain the liquid post-surgery and also because she didn’t have enough healthy skin tissue for the suture. Healthy skin tissue from her abdomen will be transplanted to her leg to finalize the procedure.

Maia will have surgery on her other leg in one week.

Maia’s surgeries are very complex due to the severity of her injuries. The current cost of this first phase is €1000, including discounts from Siavet (who is not charging us for the 30-day hospitalization, x-rays, and other tests).

Maia still has a long road to recovery and the outcome of her operations remains unclear, but she is receiving excellent medical attention. We are extremely grateful to have a devoted and dedicated veterinary team who is doing everything possible to save Maia.

Maia has endured a lot suffering since her accident, but it’s comforting to know that she is surrounded by people who believe in her and who want her to get better so that she may live a long, fulfilling life. Just days ago she was hanging on by a thread on that fence while blood oozed from her shattered legs, slowly draining the life out of her.

Now, Maia has the opportunity to find a forever home with a loving family who will provide her with the delicate care she needs. But first, she patiently prepares for her next surgery. After that, Maia can begin her recovery.

If you didn’t get a chance to support Maia, you can still make a donation to help cover the costs of her medical procedures and rehabilitation. She is a brave dog who is allowing us to help her because she wants to get better.

And you can help her get better.

Thank you, kindly
ROLDA Rescue team