27 Mar

Dog sponsoring

Sponsor one. Save two.

During our daily rescue mission, we try to help all the dogs in need of emergency medical care. Thanks to you, no dog is left behind.

Where Your Contribution goes?

When you become a dog sponsor, your contribution enable us:

  • to save a homeless dog, currently suffering on the streets, exposed to hunger, diseases and dangers.
  • to have immediate access to funds for emergency cases, to do shelters’ maintenance work, repair a broken door or a chewed bed.
  • to provide a responsible care not only for your sponsored dog, but for all his/her furry friends.

In case your dog is adopted in a real home by the time the sponsorship shall be renewed, you can select another furry friend to benefit of your generous support.

Last year, we helped over 1200 animals. See more Before/After stories

Philip Reborn

Lolita with Philip

Philip survived all his life on the streets of Romania. It wasn’t an easy life at all and it was longer than many other strays managed to survive. The streets are a modern jungle because the packs of dogs fight to survive, cars stop (or not) after hitting a stray, there is no food, no medical care, no affection.

Philip was rescued by our team and brought in our shelter, where he shared his kennel with other dogs. They came and go, adopted. He stayed. And waited. Don’t know if he hoped for a home, because he didn’t knew what a home is. Lolita, our charity Swiss Ambassador – felt for Philip and sponsor him. When her senior dog passed away, Lolita decided to adopt Philip…

This is how a new life started for this dog, who have seen much more than we could imagine, who has trained himself to become a survivor, to avoid dangers and who must now discover that is not dangerous to sleep in a soft bed, that it’s safe to sleep profoundly with no worries that something with hit,crush, hurt him; to understand that the hand lifted above his head will not hit but pet him. How many times Philip reborn? At least 3 times. And he is only 6-8 years old(nobody knows about his age,for sure..he was a stray, remember)?


Wouldn’t be great to learn that even a very small contribution (e.g. the price of a cup of coffee) can actually change a dog future, forever?

What you get in return of sponsoring a dog?

Besides our forever gratitude and a best friend for lifetime, you’ll receive:

  • happy paws,
  • smiles,
  • tails to wag plus
  • updated photo of “your” dog at least once/year
  • your name listed on our Hall of Fame page.

Why not sponsor a dog as a gift for someone else? It would make a grrrreat gift for a dog loving friend.

When it was the last time you smiled knowing that you just saved a life or brought hope for a soul?

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