17 Jun

A Dog Can also Smile!

Did you know that? You can see it on his face when he is happy. They don’t necessarily smile with their mouth, but they use their eye and general demeanor to convey that they feel good.
It’s easy to make a dog happy. Feeding him, giving him shelter, showing him love, all these will make a dog smile. Would you like to make a dog happy today?

Donate 1€ today!

We will make sure it gets to the dogs in the form of warm and tasty meals, shelter, health care and even a home where he will be loved and cared for.

Your donation will be enough to make a difference. It’s this way how we managed to survive in the past few years and bring happiness.

Make a dog feel loved today. Donate 1€ now. Don’t postpone it as our busy lives make us easily forget about what it is truly important: being part of a community and helping each other.

Use this link to donate today!