21 Nov

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Meals To Warm Suffering Souls

Thank you, for your generous donation! For us, every penny gets us closer to our dreams.

Winter is a difficult time for ROLDA because we know there are thousands of homeless dogs in our community who are struggling to survive the freezing temperatures and mountainous snowfalls. Many of these poor dogs perish during these long, cold months.

It makes us feel helpless.
Although our shelters are at capacity, we provide food, water, and medical assistance to stray dogs year-round, but we are always left with a burning desire to do more. However, we remain grateful for each opportunity we get to help these humble souls because you empower us to do so—and we are always thankful for your support.

Your donation today has ensured that homeless dogs in our community will receive a warm, hearty meal on Christmas Day!

These dogs may not understand the significance of holidays, but they do understand—and appreciate—compassion. For a starving stray dog, a meal is an act of compassion.

Each day, I give thanks for compassionate supporters like you who take time out of their day to read about our activities and who find it in their heart to help suffering animals thousands of miles away.

Your generosity saves lives, and I want you to see how much your support enables us to help thousands of animals each year, especially during a challenging season such as winter.
Yes, every donation—no matter the amount—has a profound impact on the lives of stray animals in Romania.

Thank you, for your generosity and compassion!
Happy Holidays,

Dana Costin
Founder and President
Romanian League In Defense of Animals, Inc.

Our plans for the future include:
• Build a sanctuary for horses like Big Bang
• Build a sanctuary for donkeys like Ben
• Expand the large shelter (opening a modern indoor adoption area for cats and dogs)
• Build the remaining four running spaces

One day, we hope to open our PawzUp Center — a place where people can learn to care for their newly adopted furry friend responsibly. Visit our PawzUp Gift Shop to see how your gifts will help the ROLDA PawzUp Center become a dream come true!

I hope you are happy to know that your contributions to ROLDA save thousands of lives
I hope you appreciate that we help animals and also people in our community
I hope you will continue to stand by us for as long as you feel inspired to help our cause…for as long as you trust us…and for as long as you feel appreciated. Remember, you are always appreciated here at ROLDA because you are the reason we continue to save more animals in Romania!

Please copy/paste the following quote and send it as an email to your friends who might be interested in our work in Romania:

“I support ROLDA, an international charity focused on helping homeless and abused animals and pets with impoverished families in Romania. For over ten years, ROLDA’s dreams continue to grow with my help. To help ROLDA save more animals, they need more loyal supporters like you.
I am reaching out to you because I believe that you are a kind person who would like to contribute to their cause. Visit www.rolda.org and see why we need your support! With your help, we can save thousands of more suffering animals in desperate need of saving. Thank you!”