20 Mar

Small shelter cottage

New Cottage Needed!

For dogs, staff and volunteers wellbeing

Help us build a new cottage for dogs, staff and international volunteers!

Located in the small shelter’ garden, the cottage was built by volunteers using wood and other refurbished materials available in Romania approx. 15 years ago. At the ground floor, the cottage consists of a small kitchen with dinning area for staff and volunteers and a bathroom and in the attic, two small bedrooms where volunteers from all over the World got free accommodation in the past years.

Presently, Denis moved in the cottage because his house was lost after a bank loan.  Denis presence during the night inside the small shelter discourage the thefts’ attempts and protects the dogs.

We aim to demolish the old cottage as soon as funds permit to build two new units: one for staff and dogs’ related work and one for the volunteers. Both will be powered by solar panels.

The staff’ s area will have dedicated spaces (heated, ventilated) for dogs, the staff kitchen and restroom. The unit for volunteers will be either built at the first floor of the same building or, if funds permit, on the nearby property which we aim to purchase. The volunteers’ area will have two separated bedrooms, a bathroom and an open kitchen room. Read here more about the essential need to renovate the cottage at the small shelter.