27 Mar

Corporate partners

Is your company thinking to link with a worthy charity? What a great idea!

Become our Corporate partner!

While in the Western part of Europe and USA there are many companies involved in programs which reflect the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), in countries like Romania these initiatives are at an early stage and the fields preferred are saving children or cultural projects.

Why not trying, as a responsible company, to invest into a problem which affects the entire Romanian society: street dogs.

Recently officially declared a national health and safety matter, the street dogs can accidentally put in danger persons or can be the cause of serious diseases transmissible from animals to people.

A healthier, cleaner and safer community is our mutual goal.

ROLDA firmly believes that corporate charity relationships should be mutually beneficial. That’s why we make sure that our corporate partnerships are not a one-way street, where companies give and we take. We are certain that your company can benefit greatly from a partnership with ROLDA. This is what we can offer:

  • Raise your company profile
  • Engaging your staff

Offer your staff unique and fun ways to enhance their skills and be motivated by supporting a great cause. Visit our shelter with your staff team. Volunteer for a few hours there, surrounded by our dogs. Take a dog to visit your office – and hopefully remain your company’ “mascot”!

  • Make a difference
  • Meet our partners

This is the Letter of Support that ROLDA received from ArcelorMittal corporation. Our charity partnered ArcelorMittal Galati from 2007 until 2015.

Types of corporate relations:

Affinity Program

Offer products or services associated with a charity that individuals can elect to use on a regular and recurring basis to show their support.

Cause marketing

A percentage of the sale goes to the charity.


No matter if you choose to sponsor a dog, one building project or our general activity. No matter if you sponsor once or every year – we are equally grateful!

In kind donors (gifts of products or services)

Donations in kind for dogs use, for the clinic or for the shelter maintenance are gratefully accepted.

Additional Opportunities

If you wish to work with us to save Romanian street dogs or if you are a celebrity, author/book, artist that would like to endorse our work, please contact us at rolda@care2.com.

Affiliate programs

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