24 Oct

Christmas Food Appeal

Christmas Food Appeal

With the Christmas season only weeks away, our minds are racing with shopping lists, what gifts to get family and friends, thoughts of taking a well-earned break, and arguably the best thing of all, indulging in some good food. When perusing the supermarket aisles during this season of giving, try to reflect about how fortunate you’re family is to have someone like you making sure they always have a warm meal at home.
And if you have a pet, I’m sure he or she are grateful for you as well.

You always have your loved ones in your heart…during this time of the year we are just asking that you make a little more room in there for a starving street dog.
Especially during winter time.

During winter food resources are extremely limited for street dogs, this is why it’s absolutely critical they receive nourishment to help them survive these unforgiving conditions.

Encouraged by our supporters’ reaction during past two Christmas campaigns, this year we decided to help even more dogs. Especially in a country like Romania, where dogs’ problem is overwhelming, keeping a balance between the animals that we’d wish to help and the cold reality of how much money we have to afford that is always a battle. Against all obstacles, including a reduced support from the principal local sponsor with 40% , ROLDA manages to help approx. 1200 dogs, including the ones located in our shelters, on the streets, in temporarily medical care at the vet clinic and the poor people’ pets.
Giving a generous Christmas meal to these suffering dogs is the least we can!” said Dana Costin,Founder of ROLDA.

Last year, our Christmas Food Appeal was very successful, many supporters opened their hearts and wallets to contribute toward fundraising for 5,913 warm meals!

Christmas Food Appeal 2016: Feeding Abandoned Dogs 365 Days of the Year!

At the beginning of this article, you saw what Lucky’s meals look like. Leftovers, trash, small animal carcasses, and even empty plastic bags that smell like food. Lucky is a street dog. Hungry, full of parasites and suffering a chronic skin disease. Lucky is dependent on us all to live a decent life, to get medical help, and, maybe, even a home.

They are our wonderful, generous Christmas Donors 
Adele K 20 meals
Antoinette P 10 meals
Elisa B 20 meals
Virginia J 30 meals
Patrick C 20 meals
Sandra 20 meals
Victor T 50 meals
Mia W 5 meals
Marion P 25 meals
Michele PM 100 meals
Julie S 5 meals
Karine B 5 meals
Monica N 6 meals
Lynne B 20 meals
Manuela K 20 meals
Katy E 10 meals
Sylvia B 10 meals
Marion P 3 meals
Valerie C 60 meals
Silvia Z 2 meals
Sally Kelly 20 meals
Annette R 5 meals
Maria S 50 meals
Dianne L 5 meals
Jan AC 75 meals
Margaret W 15 meals
Janne H 50 meals
Heather B 6 meals
Julie S 10 meals
Marion P 3 meals
Hans B 10 meals
Herbert S 50 meals
Dagny O 15 meals
Hugh M 5 meals
Christine S 25 meals
Alessandra A 10 meals
Sally C 50 meals
Elisa B 20 meals
Carol D 10 meals
Carol A 20 meals
Thordur G 10 meals
Matthew D 55 meals
Marit F 20 meals
Wiebe S 20 meals
Mona O 10 meals
Moira G 5 meals
Manuela K 10 meals
Allison A 5 meals
Gaynor M 5 meals
Annie B 5 meals
Camilla BO 5 meals
Phyllis D 50 meals
Jacqueline P 50 meals
SkyC LLC 20 meals
Laura C 5 meals
Meoowz ResQ 25 meals
Yvonne A 20 meals
Julie W 10 meals
Virginia DeP 30 meals
Michael G 200 meals
Malene L 8 meals
Rebecca W 12 meals
Julie G 2 meals
Elena L 10 meals
Didier M 5 meals
Elena SG 1 meal
Pilar B C 40 meals
Janice BB 5 meals
Ellen M 10 meals
Heidi W 220 meals
Antina S 15 meals
Helga SS 20 meals
Susanne V 3 meals
Sharon S 20 meals
Ashley A 100 meals
Patrick B 10 meals
Veronika A 5 meals
Gina W 5 meals
Toni C 20 meals
Christopher T 30 meals
Yvonne A 20 meals
Christine Z 15 meals
Tarja N 10 meals
Edda A 25 meals
Therese F 30 meals
Claes B 20 meals
Samantha 10 meals
Pamela B 25 meals
Janet D 15 meals
Sofia D 100 meals
Chatrine J 30 meals
Naomi S 20 meals
Julie H 10 meals
Liv V 30 meals
Despina A 6 meals
Caroline E 5 meals
Janet McD 20 meals
Hans W 100 meals
Alexandra S 5 meals
Christopher T 30 meals
Lina T 15 meals
Lois A 40 meals
Molly K 100 meals
Ivelina L 5 meals
Corina P 25 meals
Cathy H 10 meals
Jim M 100 meals
Tove V 60 meals
Marit J 30 meals
Stefanie T 40 meals
Elisabeth B 300 meals
Michele PM 250 meals
Mattie E 30 meals
Eva S 20 meals
Gail C 15 meals
Beth R 17 meals
Maria R 30 meals
Lajla V 100 meals
Silje A 20 meals
Virginia 30 meals
Phyllis D 50 meals
John W 20 meals
Mette K 26 meals
Lorena D 5 meals
Eileen K 10 meals
Buzz B 50 meals
Wencke J 15 meals
Valerie K 5 meals
Kathryn M 15 meals
Anne Marie H 12 meals
Annette R 7 meals
Pat J 20 meals
Mihaela S 45 meals
Carol A 15 meals
Heather B 7 meals
Chatrine J 30 meals
Dena P 100 meals
Naomi S 50 meals
Matthew D 60 meals
Janne H 50 meals
Christi B 10 meals
Helen S 20 meals
Marit F 30 meals
Barbara G 20 meals
Dagny O 6 meals
Tanaiia H 100 meals
Catherine P 20 meals
Wencke J 15 meals
Katrina C 4 meals
Donna H 25 meals
Marion P 28 meals
Jurgen B 12 meals
Buzz B 40 meals
Karen K 10 meals
Georgia O 15 meals
Camilla BO 10 meals
Andrea S 30 meals
Lajla V 50 meals
Maria O 50 meals
Mariana P 5 meals
Hedi B 15 meals
Sylvia B 9 meals
Marine M 10 meals
Alessandra A 20 meals
Susanne V 3 meals
Marit S 20 meals
Jenny A 12 meals
Thordur G 12 meals
Ida F 15 meals
Frances G 5 meals
Herbert S 50 meals
Sara G 4 meals
Aleksander L 2 meals
Sally C 100 meals
Natalie 1 meal
Jim M 100 meals
Ashley A 50 meals
Inge J 40 meals
Susanna S 5 meals
Janice BB 10 meals
Association ROLDA Suisse 8000 meals
Gatehunder fra Romania 2750 meals
Association ROLDA Sverige 1570 meals
Maria Grazia 5 meals
Inge J 25 meals
Alexandra M 10 meals
Stephanie LW 500 meals
Remy 75 meals
Johannes 50 meals
Nora C 25 meals
Karen C 15 meals
Margaret W 15 meals
Clara P 50 meals