27 Aug

Christmas Box Appeal

Christmas Box Appeal

Christmas Box Appeal

This year, it is the first time when we ask a Christmas Box not just for dogs, but for horses and cats too.

There are two types of Christmas Boxes:

  1. Heart Box (20 EUR)
  2. Treasure Box (50 EUR or more)

You are welcome to send as many boxes as you’d like for as many animals as you can. To save the trees and also postage, you will get not a printed, but a virtual Certificate to confirm the type and number of boxes you donated, a Certificate which will also contain your name or the name of the person that received it as a gift from you.

Christmas Certificate Sample

At the end of the campaign, we’ll be counting how much money we raised for dogs, cats and horses and we’ll make public these amounts.

20€ Heart Box
50€ Treasure Box

Order your Special Christmas Certificate TODAY and help a dog or a cat, or a horse to have a better Christmas in the years to come.

PS. This Special Certificate will be sent to you as .pdf or . jpg and it can be in your name or as a gift for someone for Christmas (please do not forget to give us full details and please allow us 3 days for delivery …it’s busiest time of the year in our shelters and office and we thank you for your patience and understanding)!