Christmas is not only for people…

Every winter ROLDA strives to provide food and warmth to thousands of homeless dogs in Southeast Romania. This Christmas Season, spread your joy to a dog in need.

Warm meals for hungry dogs on Christmas

ROLDA’s 2017 Christmas Food Appeal was a huge success! Compassionate supporters like you opened their hearts and wallets to help us provide warm meals to 20,000 homeless dogs in our community on Christmas Day!

“You helped us to save them all. I know you won’t let them starve on Christmas!
All dogs from our shelters were saved from distressful and dangerous situations. With us, they started a new life and enjoy the comfort of a cozy, safe place. Every month, our staff is worried to find resources to pay the food and vet bills. During snow storms, our hands are full to remove the mountains of snow that cover the whole shelter – a big area of 15.000 square meters which is shoveled with our hands. Your donation for meals for dogs will get one worry off our head and help us to focus on more rescues. Help us fill their tummies on Christmas days!”

Dana Costin, Founder ROLDA


Choose a gift to give
to our 650 dogs this Christmas:



Give a dog one month of food and warm shelter



Give a dog a weather-proof bed to protect them from rain, snow, and cold



Cover the sterilization and microchip costs for one homeless dog



Give 2 dogs an insulated dog house to protect them from severe weather

Only $1 Gift

How can you help dogs with just $1 a month?

$1 a month to offer food, care and a safe haven to the hundreds of dogs assisted by ROLDA.

Does it seem a small amount? Well, it may be not such small if we manage to unite more supporters. This is the principle on which Teaming is based, the new fundraising portal that provides support for shelters like our’s raising donations of just $1 a month from supporters like you: a very small amount for those who donate and a strategy that has already proved successful for the organizations that have joined.

From now on ROLDA is on Teaming and if many of you will join, the amount collected will be significant and will be put at use for animals rescue, with no commission cost

Become ROLDA’s Best Teaming!

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One bowl of highly nutrient food for a hungry dog for Christmas

Straws bedding to protect dogs from freezing

1 Bitcoin donated = 1 Month paid bills for small shelter

Other ways to give

Use Lilo’s search engine to “earn” drops of water and give to ROLDA. For every 50 drops of water earned, Lilo will redirect funds to our charity.

Many starving dogs now resort to eating plastic. Yes, plastic! Most are found around factories of big corporations that ignore the issue. Encourage these corporations to act.

ROLDA Team visited Local Retirement Home On Romanian National Day

On December 1st, ROLDA staff and volunteers visited 150 senior citizens who reside in the Galati Retirement Center—and they didn’t went empty-handed! As a surprise, we donated a Christmas tree to the home, along with tons of decorations,hand-made gifts, and games to enjoy with the residents and the staff. The event, sponsored by ROLDA Swiss branch, was a real opportunity for all of us to spend some quality time together during the holiday season and to celebrate as a community.

“I have wanted to help more people in my community for many years now, and I feel like our charity now has a little breathing room to offer such support once in a while,” said Dana Costin, founder of ROLDA. “Each time my team and I organize an event for people in our community we want them to know that they can count on us to be there. We all live in this county, and we all want to feel safe and happy.”

Each ROLDA team member has made a small contribution for the event and will also donate their time to prepare dinner, play games, hand out gifts, and all that other fun stuff people do at gatherings. Anything to put a huge smile on people’s faces that will hopefully remain with them way beyond the holiday season!
We hope to repeat this very emotional and rewarding experience!

Big Surprises for Residents of Galati Retirement Center 

To celebrate National Day, ROLDA host a special dinner for the residents of the Galati Retirement Center.To give our gathering an extra dash of holiday spirit, we decorated the center with
lovely Christmas ornaments, and we also spoiled the residents and the staff with thoughtful hand-made gifts created with love by Romanian artisans.

But our biggest surprise for the 150 residents of the Galati Retirement Center was Tarot, the tiny dog we saved from a boiling tarpit. We are thrilled to announce that Tarot has been
adopted and scheduled to meet his new family in Sweden on December 17—just in time to enjoy his first Christmas with them!
So, Tarot was on a mission before leaving Romania. He was determined to spread holiday cheer to all those in need, and he has not forgotten our fellow senior citizens. We believe that Tarot’s story can inspire anyone to appreciate and give thanks for the little things in life. It can also help us be more grateful that there exists people and organizations in the world who are devoted to helping others—people and animals alike.

Tarot is alive today because our generous supporters chose to help him. The elderly in retirement homes are cared for by dedicated staff and volunteers. In the end, it is compassionate people like you who make our work possible. ROLDA knows that without your generosity and humanity, our programs would have remained just beautiful dreams. But together with you, we can dream further, higher, bigger. We can #givehope where no one else will.
Thank you from ROLDA Team