31 May


Why sponsor for a ROLDA dog to visit a vet?
While living on the streets, stray dogs are exposed to many harmful elements including malnutrition, diseases, injuries, and disabilities. The majority of the dogs we rescue have never been dewormed and are infested with fleas and ticks. Many dogs also are infected with heartworm disease, which is often fatal if detected late, and in the case of a stray dog that is usually the end result.

By sponsoring a ROLDA dog to visit a veterinarian, you are helping a rescue dog get the proper medical attention they need and deserve. The 50 EUR covers the basic expenses, but in severe cases where surgery is needed, we will need to raise money for that occasion.

All we are asking is for you to sponsor a ROLDA dog so he or she can visit a vet today!
Will you help?

You can sponsor a ROLDA dog to visit a veterinarian and download your virtual gift card immediately! Contact us at rolda@rolda.org if you need assistance.