31 May


Why sponsor a place where a ROLDA can recover from an injury or surgery?
In Galati, Romania, there are an estimated 20,000 stray dogs roaming the streets. Sadly, ROLDA can only house 650 dogs in its shelters at one time. That means around 19,350 dogs remain homeless and struggling to survive.
The life of a homeless dog is a tragic one. It’s even more devastating when a dog is abandoned because he or she was once accustomed to having a home and a family, so when they’re dumped on the street, alone and without guidance, their world begins to fall apart.
He runs disoriented between speeding cars, often being struck and injured or killed. He is attacked by packs of wild dogs already accustomed to street life, and they’re even abused by vicious people. He is simply lost, alone, and scared. Hiding from everyone and everything. If lucky to be rescued, these dogs need a long period of rehabilitation to start trusting people again and to stop being afraid. The gift of a place of recovery is the only real chance that a homeless or abandoned dog has for a safer, better life.

You can sponsor a place of recovery for a ROLDA dog and download your virtual gift card immediately! Contact us at rolda@rolda.org if you need assistance.